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Mercury Trine Uranus - Sharp Insight and Ideas but Watch out for Technical Hitches

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Tonight and into tomorrow morning Mercury makes a fire trine to Uranus so we have a really link and connection between the planets ruling the mind and the higher mind - Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Keep track of your thought and your insights now as your brain is likely to be razor sharp and full of ideas and solutions to problems. Now is a time when you can think laterally and inventively however your attention span is likely to be short now, so don't be surprised if you get bored easily.

Transits 5th nov

With Mercury turning retro in a couple of days time with this trine still very active and being square to Neptune, it is very likely that technical equipment like mobile phones and computer systems may suffer problems or crashes, and transport delays could be another manifestation of these aspects. The key words to take from these connections are inspiration and deception and you would do well to make sure that anything to put to you is real and bone-fide before you go ahead. Working out the wood from the trees during this stimulating yet confusing couple of weeks is going to take some working out. As such, I very much suspect that Mercury retrograde is going to cause some major confusion and problems this time around. This aspect is now in force and will be very active for a week or so.

Mercury goes retrograde late in the evening around 23.00 on the 6th November in London, around 6pm in New York. For all places east of the UK, it occurs in the morning of the 7th November.

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