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Mercury Conjunct Murzims - An Important Announcement is Coming

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Shouting out loud

This connection occurs between 18th and 19th July at 7.23 degrees Cancer

I am marking your card with this aspect slightly early as I feel that it may hit slightly before the dates above. Murzims is a star in Canis Major the large dog. This star is nicknamed "the Announcer", as it rises before the great star Sirius, the brightest in the night sky and is connected with carrying a message or having something important that others should hear or read, any planet connected to this star will see you encouraged to speak out in some way.

Now Mercury is the planet of communication and so one can safely assume that there is going to be a speech or something said that is going to be highly significant. Mercury rules the media too and so I would expect there to be a big news story about it too. Now Mercury in getting to 7 Cancer will making a trine to Neptune, the planet of spirituality and faith, deception and confusion, also of suffering, sacrifice, inspiration and of the collective.

My instinct is that a religious message is coming either in the Israel Palestine conflict or from ISIS and the Islamic caliphate disturbances, and one that may ask those to make some kind of sacrifice for the whole. Mercury in Cancer would suggest a pro-active message, based around emotion and the past, ownership and family. With Mercury conjunct to Venus, this will be a social message and being opposed to Pluto there may be a subliminal, manipulative or subversive element to it.   I would like to think that there will be a  call for the suffering to stop for good, but this may fall on deaf ears. Lets hope not for humanity’s sake.

On a slightly less controversial note, there could be more stories than normal in the news about young people, transport and travel especially by, on or near water, education, language, health and medical issues.

Keep your eyes open and watch the press, for I feel something significant is coming...

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