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Mercury Conjunct Alhena - Demanding the Right to Be Heard.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


This connection occurs on 20th July at 9.18 degrees Cancer

Mercury has been dominating the astrological news with the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft and now it moves on to make a connection with the star Alhena, the star in the heel of one of the twins in Gemini.

This star is called the "Marching One" and it is associated with following a cause or a belief that you are passionate to follow and “march” behind. It is also connected with the celebrated wounded heel, a flaw in one's character. That legend goes back to the beliefs of the Egyptians and their assumption at the solstice and equinox that the Sun god “Ra” touched the earth connecting himself to the physical world and in the process he injured himself.

Now think of what happened in past 24 hours. An aircraft ruled by Gemini was "wounded" in flight and then touched the earth causing damage and hurt. This connection is in Cancer affecting families and nations and now I think those affected will march as one demanding that the truth comes out and that justice is served. This may be especially true as Mercury will oppose Pluto at this moment, the planet of power, control and the ultimate truth. There may be calls to cease this conflict in Ukraine as well, maybe demands to powerful leaders, such as Vladimir Putin to change his tune. At the same time Mars will be in Libra exactly square to the Sun as well as to Jupiter. Libra is a sign of equality and Jupiter represents the law and international events connecting the globe.

I also think that this connection may apply to those affected in the Gaza strip, so don't be surprised to see Palestinian families, maybe women and children standing up to the Israelis who have started a ground invasion there to stop the violence, and to leave them in peace.

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