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Men As Natural Protectors of Women

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Calvinthedog

Men! Our natural and instinctive role is as protectors of, yes, the weaker sex, women, our sisters! Check out this excellent comment by pastor who stopped by. He has a website called the New Christian Movement – Training Boys to Be Men. Here are his comments on my post about how you can tell if a man is gay.

When I scan a room full of mix sexes quickly determining the location of the women, the men nearest them, and their nearest exits, there is that subconscious understanding that some men won’t protect the women around them if a disaster struck. After many years of observations, I’ve noted that these are the men who seem to be more interested in the other men in the room. It’s difficult to see a man treat a woman like ‘furniture,’ as you so aptly stated in your article, knowing that in the event of men needing to respond as a protector to threats to the group, he might just sacrifice her for himself.

This isn’t an indictment against gay men as much as it is against a sadly consistent behavior I have observed in them over several decades. Since we men are built the larger and stronger, I hope all men would consider their instinctive and very necessary role. It’s not hard, but it is selfless, and absolutely necessary for the survival of our society.

What a fascinating comment. He has noticed over the years that some men in a room do not seem like they would protect the women in case of an emergency. He has also noticed that those men seem to be more interested in men than women. In other words, gay men would be less likely to save women in an emergency than straight men. I do not want to bash on gay men here, but it seems obvious to me that this is true. He also points out that my comment about how I have worked with gay men who treated the women in the office as if they were “part of the furniture.” The pastor notes that a man who sees women are akin to chairs and tables is probably less likely to save them when the shit really comes down.

The pastor also implies that a lot of us straight men are relinquishing our roles as protectors of women. If being a man means anything, this is what it means. Our natural and instinctive role is as protectors of our sisters. When we give that up, we are no longer card-carrying men.

Men! Step up to the plate and do your duty! Protect your sisters!

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