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Memory Jar Magic

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Memory Jar MagicIt's no secret that many people love everything to be brand new, they revel in the thrill of the purchase, unwrapping the many layers of plastic and cardboard packaging, and knowing that theirs are the first hands to hold the item they're touching since the factory floor.  I don't mind that too from time to time.  But most of the time, I'd have to say I'm one of the 'others' who happily re-use, re-cycle, re-love.  As long as it's clean and safe, I enjoy handling the second hand, and if there's an element of hand-crafted about the second-hand, then all the better... best yet is knowing that by having something old in my house I'm keeping it out of landfill.
All of you who subscribed in October, or earlier, would have received your November Newsletter this week, and with it, the Limited edition Pirates love Mermaids party printables.

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Now, back to notion of being frugal and crafty; a long time ago I saw an image called "vacation memory jars" which were large pickling jars filled with postcards, maps, and found treasures such as seashells, pine cones and leaves.  As with all things inspirational, that image stayed as a little seed in my memory, waiting for the right opportunity to blossom.
After Mimi's fourth birthday party, Mimi and Lotti devoured the candy out of their mini aquarium keepsakes, and I was left with a mermaid picture and some shredded paper.  I was about to stick these leftovers in my scrap-paper draw (I never throw coloured paper out), when the memory-jar idea came back to me.
I found a medium-sized coffee jar, popped the mermaid picture inside so that it was facing froward, again using the mini-aquarium idea.  I then added some party memories;
  • sand from the pirate treasure hunt bucket,
  • a gold coin, gem ring and mini-swizzle stick from the invitations, 
  • one frog from the treasure chest of chocolate coins,
  • some cut-straws that were used as beads to make mermaid costume leis,
  • a couple of rocks and shells from the diorama (which I'll blog tomorrow).
  • around the outside I tied a beaded necklace from the party dress-up box,
  • I trimmed the lid with a slice of fish-paper from Lotti's keepsake,
  • and finished it off with three pearl stickers leftover from the Happy-Oyster craft table activity.

I love after-party craft, and here's a new favorite; inside one little jar, destined for the tip, we have something from every part of Mimi's mermaid and pirate party, from initiations, decorations, costumes and keepsakes.
When you hold the jar in your hands, the sand shifts slightly, and they treasures inside become buried or re-revealed... just like memories; the details come and go, but they're all in there; waiting to be held back up to the light.
There's no right or wrong with this craft; use a big bottle, a tiny herb-jar, or a bell-jar.  Fill it with one treasure or many.  Whatever you end up with, it's a quick and classy way of making memories last just that little bit longer... and if that's not magic, I don't know what is.

Be sure to let me in on any ideas YOU come up with when you use your Mermaid-Pirate papers! x 

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