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Memories from My Moves…

By Jenrene

I have moved approximately nine times in my life. I know it sounds like a lot, but several of those moves were within state and needed for job transition .

Doesn't make it any any easier, nor does it make it less of an issue. I have to admit - I dont really lke moving per say, but I have enjoyed leanng new ultures and new plaes were I have lived.

I have moved to get a new start on life maybe three times. The others were due to the fact I was running, I just did not like my life there anymore, and three times I have moved with issues surrounding "a man". I never wanted to follow a man, but I twice moved one because I wanted to "get away " from a man; and once becuase I wanted to be near a young man, and that was my husband. And that was a really good move. To Texas. Texas enlivened me. I flourished there. I had friends I had never had anyting like before, and they were supportive of me.

Memories from My Moves…
With every move, I have had, 'journaling' has given me a sense of place and recogniton of the move and resolve.

Here'an old post but good one that remnds me where I fond resolve with my every move. It was never publlshed, just something I found in an old newletter I made.

I Will Be Transitioning!

I have found value in my writing lately. I am in a transitioning phase.
At the end of this week, I will be moving to a new home. I am a bit sentimental, and have begun to take pictures as I transition for this home, to the next.
(Next newsletter, you shall see pics of my new home, so stay tuned.)

One of my last sessions this past summer, we spoke about the value of journal-keeping. Lately that has been a struggle for me, in terms of consistency, but I have been keeping a voice diary. It's like a journal, but just easier. Stay tuned for examples of my e-course I am making and my Soundcloud voice diaries I keep, and desire to share or you to think about rest easier. Though my course isn't finished yet, I do desire you hear the diaries to think about the perspective I have on the relationship we need to have with rest for our soul-care.
Journal writing has several values. While studying these facts, I discovered why the act is such a consoling practice for me. I literally believe keeping a journal has SAVED MY LIFE. I am sure some of you can relate. Here's what Peg Nolan, has found as a few truths:

1. "Journal writing brings me clarity." - It helps me to see myself and acknowledge my fears, so I can begin to work on them.
2. "Journal writing helps me focus." Nothing better than knowing that my mind can settle because I now have it now on paper, and can return to that thought, and it won't be caught out in oblivion.
3. "Journal writing is for my own personal accountability." - Sometimes if there is no one to tell that dream to, it helps to be accountable to myself by writing it down.
4."I can yell in my journal and no one will hear me raise my voice ." - And I do,- mind you, with LOTS of exclamation points for those things I have YET to comprehend.
5." Journal writing increases my self-awareness." (Oh yeah,. and my self confidence...)
6. "Journal writing reduces my stress." It keeps my blood pressure regulated. I believe once it saved my life. Kept me sane...
7." Journal writing a place to sort through my struggles." I am always focused on maturing my SOUL... it's an ongoing battle and I need it in order to be self actualized.
8."Journal writing gives me peace of mind ." And an ability to listen intently to my thoughts, and to talk softly with God about them. (Love it! I am such a deep thinker!)
9."Journal writing a vision illuminator !"- My dreams grow and incubate and simmer... some more.. andy theny crystallize- which means to bcome definite or clear found this with every move, to be true.
10. ( This one is mine! ) ..I can hear God speak, when I write: I believe God is ALWAYS speaking, we just aren't quiet enough to hear Him.
11." Journal writing is an idea incubator. " - Man oh man, I have so many ideas, I could write about a book about ALL OF THEM!!
12. "Journal writing is a judgment-free zone." - You're defintely ot going to find anyone peering over your sholder - unless you give them permssion - to look, or leave cause for that to happen...) And no one can give me feedback and I can sit with myself and my own thoughts and keep them as private as I want, til they are born and put into practice...OR NOT.

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