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Mel Gibson – Creative, Intense but Temperamental Too

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Mel Gibson has put himself back in the news after pleading guilty to battery against his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in a Los Angeles court this week. Mel who is 55 will now go on 3 years probation, will go through domestic violence counselling and will do 16 hours of community service.

Mel a Sun Sign Capricorn is no stranger to rage. Born on 3rd January 1956 in Peekskill, NY in the United States at 16.45, Mel has one of the more intense charts that I have seen in an actor. As well as the Capricorn Sun, Mel has a Cancer ascendant and a social Libran Moon. The Sun is peregrine (unconnected by any major aspect to any other planet) and is also opposite the ascendant. This Sun will tend to dominate the chart and because it is in Saturn we can safely say that Mel is very conservative. Not only is he conservative, he is very stubborn too with six planets in fixed signs. Once he makes his mind up, he won’t be budged.


The overall  look of the chart shows most of the planets below the horizon; Mel’s whole life was coloured by growing up. At age 14, his family emigrated to Australia just as transiting Pluto entered his 4th house of home and opposed his Midheaven, this move would transform his future career prospects and soon after the family settled, he took up acting classes. Neptune, the planet associated with film and movies is right on the cusp of the 4th and 5th houses. The young Mel would have found home life confusing, maybe he would have had his only little dream world in his mind into which he would escape (Neptune is square Mercury ruling the mind) and on the cusp of the 5th there would obviously be an attraction to film and all creative pursuits. Neptune is on the point of a Neptune Uranus Mercury t-square. Mel will be an individual, a bit of a rebel with Uranus in the first; a rebel with a very sharp and inventive mind too, with the Uranus Mercury opposition. All that creative mental energy is directed onto the filmic Neptune. In the fifth house we also find Mars and Saturn. This is a heavyweight combination showing huge determination, a stern, harsh, even violent temper which will come up like a volcano (trine Uranus)  and an attraction to action roles, Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart. Mel not only has a serious attitude to acting but also for controlling the whole process of making  films. This conjunction is square the midheaven; Mel was always destined to be a film director.

The Saturn/Mars conjunction I just mentioned is square another heavyweight conjunction, Pluto conjunct with Jupiter in the 3rd house. Mel is a powerful speaker, has an aptitude for making making money, and has a deep level of faith, especially sextile Neptune in Scorpio. His faith will be very, very, strictly adhered to with the Mars/Saturn square.  The Passion of the Christ which Mel directed with it’s dark, brooding, controversial nature and message, so accurately encompasses all of the elements that I just described.

Mel’s Venus, the only planet I have not yet looked at sits in cool, rebellious Aquarius. You find a lot of good looking people with Venus in Aquarius, they have an almost electric sparkle about them. He will have a cool almost unapproachable demeanour, more interested in being friends then having a serious relationship. Mel’s will have a large circle of friends who he will constantly lean on. With Venus in the 8th house, what relationships he does make will be stormy, he almost likes it and needs it that way.

Right now Mel has transiting Saturn square his ascendant from his 4th house – the violence to would have taken place in the home environment. Transiting Uranus is opposite Moon, trine both Saturn and it’s own natal position so an emotional bust up and transiting Neptune is square Saturn and opposite Pluto. Shows confusion, deceit, maybe alcohol was involved in some way?

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