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Meeting Amazing People

By Saltykisses @svprili
pr4 A couple of days ago we got a message from a couple to come look them up if we were in Fajardo Puerto Rico. What the heck it wasn’t far out of our way and it broke our trip up. This is when we met the amazing couple on Fata Morgana - Maya, Evo and Mira. They write the blog The Life Nomadik. These guys are true adventures after a simpler life. We were invited over for a drink and hung out for about an hour, as much as we can when the sun is setting and we have 3 hungry kids ready to go into a nuclear meltdown. The next morning we invited them over to our boat for a looky-loo. Later they helped us detangle our anchor from some sort of underwater cable – more than likely a power line. This is one of those families that you could know all your life and still be enthralled with their stories. I know we are destined to meet up with them again. If you see them in your travels make sure you go say hi and tell them that the Salty gang thinks they are the most awesome family out there!! They are heading south so keep a keen eye out. They don’t have a dingy and kayak everywhere – crazy buggers!>>> so we hooked a cable of some sort. Total bummer, I had no clue what we were going to do. But Evo and Carl knew exactly how to fix the problem. Tie a line around the anchor, attach the line to our secondary windlass and pull it up. And hey presto, the anchor was free. Good work fellas. pr1 pr2 pr3 We had thought this would be our last foul of the day. Sailing to the Dominican Republic was going to take roughly 36 hours and half way there we noticed the water pump kept turning on. Oh-no, we were out of water. Strange thing, we had just made water the day before. We are pretty free willy when it comes to water but there’s no way we could have gone through it that fast. Turns out one of our sail lines caught a water spigot and emptied our tank right onto the deck. We were enjoying the sail that much we didn’t even notice. Usually we put a stopper on the spigot before doing passages but because this one was so short we didn’t bother. Lesson learned, pay attention. For the next 2 hours all I heard was “mummy I”m thirsty, we have no water, I might die” – oh really, drama, drama, drama. sunset

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