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Meet My Other Princesses

By Disneybrideandgroom
This might just be the cutest pitch you will ever see on this blog.
Next month, DisneyBride and myself will be running a race with our beautiful little nieces (ages 5 and 7).  You all know my Princess bride/co-blogger, of course, but these are the other two Princesses in my life.  No, not my brother... the shorter, cuter ones you see below.

Meet my other Princesses

'Uncle Wally' (me on right) and his adorable flower girls

This will be their FIRST of what we hope will be many, 5Ks. In true Running Happily Ever After fashion, we are of course all planning to run the event in costume.

Of the many races we have coming up this season, this one may be the one I am most looking forward to running.
One look at these big grins and you can guess why...
Meet my other Princesses

Now for the pitch I promised.

They are fundraising for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  

Both are watching their donation page like hawks and are really excited to raise money and be able to help kids with cancer.  
Here is where I am hoping the very generous readers of this blog will help.  
I do know that as runners, we are generous.  We all run races for specific causes and sign up for virtual runs.  However, how often can you help a worthy cause and introduce two adorable girls to a lifetime of running joy?
Please consider donating $3.10 for each of our nieces (or $6.20) to their St. Jude fundraising page.  Click this link: or the image below. 
Meet my other Princesses

No donation is too small, and every penny adds up.  If you can't make a donation right now, you can still help by sharing this page. (Share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are at the end this post.)

We can't wait to head down for a visit next month and run this 5K with the girls.  Keep a lookout for a race recap with lots of pics.  
Now I need to decide on a costume.  Buzz Lightyear (my favorite of course), Goofy, a pirate, a superhero...  something else? Help me out...  

The girls are big Disney and Pixar fans like us - but we don't know what their costumes will be yet either. Of course, I am not so secretly hoping they will dress as their favorite Princesses, although the oldest is obsessed with Toy Story's Jessie and that works too.

Leave me a comment with some costume ideas for DisneyBride and myself.

Or tell us if you have ever run a 5K with kids.  How did it go?  
Also, please leave a comment if you make a donation or share our post.  

Our race with them is on October 26th so there is still a little time to make your donation.  You will have our thanks, the girls' thanks, and St. Jude's thanks of course.  But, I'll get DisneyBride to put together some kind of raffle/giveaway for the donors. So keep an eye out for that.

Happy Running!


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