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Medhu vadai-Ulundhu Vadai(urad Dal)

By Harini
No festival is complete with out a feast and here in South India no feast is complete with out vadai-payasam :). Vadai is a deep fried dumpling,where the batter is made of urad or channa dal (for masal vadai).Vadai made with urad dal is also known as medhu vadai (medhu meaning soft in Tamil). As the name says medhu vadai has a very soft inside with crispy edges.It really calls for some experience and lots of patience to make perfect crispy vadai at home.Eating hot vadas just out of kadai is a real experience in itself.Usually in hotels these are served with sambar and chutney but I always like to eat this plain just as snacks.To make proper vadai,first the batter has to be ground to perfection with the correct amount of water.Today's post I am giving my mom's recipe for medhu vadai along with few tips and variations.
Medhu vadai-Ulundhu vadai(urad dal)
How to make medhu vadai-Recipe
Basic ingredients:
3/4 cup whole urad dal
1 teaspoon rice
1 teaspoon moong dal
Oil for deep frying
Optional ingredients(use according to taste)
Set 1
1 teaspoon black pepper corns (broken into small pieces using mortar and pestle)
1/2 teaspoon asafoetida
10-12 curry leaves chopped fine
1 dried red chilli
Set 2
1 onion chopped very fine
1 carrot peeled and grated
2 green chillies chopped fine
10-12 curry leaves chopped fine
1 teaspoon finely cut coconut pieces.
1.Soak urad dal with moong and rice in water for 4-6 hours.Grind to a very smooth paste with salt,using minimum water.The batter should be quite thick.Start with one tablespoon of water and just sprinkle as and when required.
2.Add the preferred set of flavoring ingredients and mix well.
3.Heat oil for deep frying.While the oil is getting heated,take a small piece of banana leaf,take a big lemon sized ball of the prepared batter,place it over the leaf and flatten slightly.Now make a hole in the center,slide to the hot oil. Fry both sides till golden brown and remove to a tissue paper. Serve hot.
Soaking-6 hours
Preparation of vadai-20 minutes
Medhu vadai-Ulundhu vadai(urad dal)
1.To get soft vadas batter has to be ground very very smooth under low heat.If you are using a mixer instead of wet grinder,make sure to grind in the lowest speed.
2.After grinding take a small bit of batter and drop in a bowl of water.if it floats atop that is the correct stage of batter.
3.Deep fried goodies do not soak up oil if the oil is in right temperature.After heating the oil,drop a small bit of batter,if it raises immediately oil is ready for frying.
4.Always remove vadai (any deep fried items) to tissue or a vessel with holes to remove excess oil.Never use a news paper as it is hazardous to health.
5. It is optional to use rice and moong but they help to make the vadas crispy.
6.You can use parchment paper if banana leaves are not accessible.
Sambar vadai:
After preparing medhu vadai dunk it in bowl of hot sambar.

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