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Med Students : Book Smart Or Practical Smart ?

Posted on the 11 January 2012 by Medicalminds @Sarina_Med

There are different ways of classifying med students, check out how I classified them according to a disease:

Book Smart: These individuals are naturally born with inherited genes, which facilitate their memorizing process.  So, naturally they are to be seen with their books and lectures all day. Also they don’t even miss any single point for any disease causation. For instance, clubbing, it’s a thing that happens in your nail folds, it indicates several diseases. There are many cause, the book smart people will tell you all the 20 diseases that could result to that.

Practical Smart: These people are normal, average goers with a twist. They can be Book smart if they wished but they find studying the same material twice insignificant. These people relay on residual class knowledge and, they pick up the material which the teacher says in class. Ask them the cause of clubbing; they will give you 15 points.

The wanna be Book Smart: Med school is mostly about impression. How was your class record? How many questions did you ask the teacher? How much curiosity do you show to a particular disease? How do you behave in general? Well, theses people show their best impression to the teachers.  They try to be book smart people but the only difference is that they know 12-15 causes of clubbing.

The Perfect Smart People: these people are rare, because they actually understand what it means to be in a med school.  They are extremely smart and they are book smart as well as practical smart. They are the true gems of each batch. If you identify people like them, stick with them, you can learn so much from them. They know 30 causes of clubbing, if you asked.

No matter what smart you are, you are smart because you got into a med school. Each group of med students has their own significance.  Most book smarts end up getting a MD degree in Medicine and Practical Smart end up getting surgery degrees.

Life doesn’t end with MBBS; you have thousands of opportunities besides this. So, stick with what you are doing good at and stay smart!

( I kind of got this inspiration to write this from the famous TV series Apprentice )

Happy Smartness people!

Med Students : Book Smart or Practical Smart ?

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