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Meatless Thursdays?

By Yonni @vegandthecity
About a month ago, some of my closest friends invited us to meet them at the Borgata for a Thursday night ~ some food, some gambling, some dancing...a lot of laughing.  So what did we do?  I convinced my husband to take a day off and we went!
The Borgata is arguably the nicest casino hotel in Atlantic City.  I've spent many summer weekends there so I've been to enough to know, and since I'm not much of a gambler (if I'm going to lose money I'd rather have clothes or shoes to show for it!) I want to go somewhere upscale with a great crowd.
We started the night at Bobby Flay Steak, an elegant, hip bar/restaurant.  We sat in the bar for a while and ordered drinks (I choose a cool, bubbly prosecco) while lounging on big, comfy chairs, sleek banquettes all arranged around glass tables supported by bamboo columns.  And no, it was not until we sat down that I even thought to look at the menu!  (I know, I know...steak house and a vegan should have been a flag...)
So we sat down and checked out the menu.  I've eaten in a lot of steak places but this one had very little for us vegans!  As always, I made the most of it and ordered the only items I could find.  The AC chopped salad with the lettuce, radishes, chick peas, roasted peppers and roasted tomatoes, and without the 3 kinds of cheeses and pita crips, wasn't huge (likely because I left out four ingredients) but flavorful and vibrant.  For my entree, I had sauteed mushrooms and onions and the black pepper french fries (hold the pepper because it gives me awful headaches.)  They were so good, everyone devoured them and we placed a second order (and more prosecco too.)  So, nutritious?  Not completely, but I made it work and we had a blast!
If you wind up at the Borgata, be sure to hit Gypsy Bar.  We got lucky and avoided the usual very long lines, and got in around 11, with the live band starting around 11:30.  They played some great current music, and some throwbacks too, to a standing only (dancing only) crowd.  Aside from the Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike (seriously? seriously...) they were awesome and the drinks were generous.  Thankfully I wasn't driving!

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