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May Review

Posted on the 17 May 2012 by Skip_town @skip_town

Hello! It’s been months since I’ve posted a Skip Town review. But lately we’ve had some new visitors by way of Fathom and Kate Spade (thanks!) so I thought I’d do a little flash-back.

Through Their Eyes is one of my favorite features, and I’m always so very happy that such fantastic photographers agree to take part. Over the past few months we’ve seen the brilliant Alexi Hobbs’ take on Arizona (love this one), Andrew Richey who somehow made bustling Hong Kong seem dreamy and quiet, Lauren Bamford’s adventures in rural Australia, Lynton Crabb in Tokyo and most recently Sharyn Cairns’ series from the beautifully dilapidated streets of Cuba.

In other news, we took ‘An American Road Trip’ Google-map-style with Kyle Ford, and, if you love typography like I do you’ve got to check out the 50 and 50 series of illustrated State Mottos, curated by Dan Cassaro of Young Jerks. Also got a couple of sweet Time Travel posts – think Hawaii and Alaska in the 1950′s.

Along with the rest of the world I’ve discovered Pinterest in a big way, and I must admit I’ve gone a little berserk over the past few months – so if you’re looking for some cool travel gear, chances are I’ve pinned it!

Have a fantastic weekend

- Jess

May Review

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