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May is for Tea Partying

By Inafarawaytree @EmilyJ_S
It's my birthday on Saturday and the plan was to have a barbecue/tea party in the garden, with the sun shining down. However, England being England and May being May it doesn't look so likely, it's going to be an indoors affair.
For the fantasy world I live in, here's a collection of thing's I would (in my dream world) have worn, eaten, used etc. etc. 

May is for Tea Partying

1.   Daisy Lace Dress- Chicwish2.   Mint Daisy Sunglasses- Jewellery by Jaymie3.   Daisy Silver Bracelet- eBay4.   Daisy Sandal- ModCloth5.   Green Pattern Dress- ModCloth6.   Cat Eye Sunglasses- ASOS7.   T-Bar Sandal- ModCloth8.   Leather Belt - Etsy9.   Cream Maxi Dress- ModCloth10.Lipstick in 'Plumful'- Mac11.Rose Head Garland- Crown & Glory 12.Rose Bracelet- Guilty Bangles 13.Raffia Cream Wedge- Topshop14.Picnic Blanket- Cath Kidston 15.Pink Rosemary Lemonade - Recipe Below!

I've chosen three beautiful dresses (in my opinion) and shoes and accessories to match. The first one is quite obviously Daisy themed! The second, sort of foresty brown and green and the third is romantic because of the neutral colours with deep reds!
I've then also got Pink Lemonade (see my Rosemary Pink Lemonade recipe below!), flowered ice-cubes as I am going to do those too for Saturday !    Finger sandwiches because they look so dainty compared to what we will really have! (barbecue and jackets, mmm).    The tea set, I don't know where it is available to buy, but I found an image of it and I love it, I love green and  pink, as well as florals and polka dots; so to me its perfect!     And finally a lovely picnic blanket fromCath Kidston, for sitting sipping Champer's on the grass!

Pink Rosemary Lemonade (or Lavender)

May is for Tea Partying

Replace Rosemary with Lavender for a lovely, lilac color and a more floral rather than herby taste. I only suggested Rosemary over Lavender because Dried culinary Lavender can be quite hard to get hold of. For the Flowered Ice Cubes - just place any edible flower such as (Pansies, Camomile, Chrysanthemum's, Daisies, Dandelion's, Elderflower etc. etc. see here for full list of commonly used edible flowers) into the middle of each section of water in ice cube tray - make sure you've washed them thoroughly!!    Anyway, I will do a post this weekend from my birthday with picture's of how it goes and some outfit posts! 
May is for Tea Partying

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