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May EATS :)

By Juanatravels
Ever since I started running again, I've tried to watch what I eat.  I've limited my rice consumption, been eating more vegetables than I used to, hydrating with water more often, even gotten as far as tracking my calorie intake!  But May's been an exception.  It all started when I gave into the cravings I had while on a trip in Bicol a few weeks ago.  Since I got back from the trip, I've constantly been fed well by M. hahaha Maybe the saying that goes something like 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' holds true for girls alike. :) Though now I think it's time for me to get back on track with my health and fitness goals, but before I do, let me share all the yummy goodness the month of May had brought me.

May EATS :)

a peek at my Spirals lunch. 

Bigg's Diner.  This was the first place we ate at as soon as we got to Legazpi City.  Bigg's is probably the most popular food chain in Bicol to date.  I had the chicken and spaghetti combo which was okay.  I did like how you can taste a hint of calamansi in their chicken.  The cute interior fed our eyes well which pretty much made up for whatever was lacking in taste. ★★
DJC Halo-Halo. Right before M left for Manila, we went looking for DJC to try their halo-halo.  As soon as we got there, we immediately ordered two halo halo supreme (Php85.)  The wait took a while but it was fine. I was almost tempted into ordering more food but held back since we had a very late lunch just a few hours before.  We dug into our bowls of halo halo goodness as soon as they arrived!  Honestly, it didn't look as appetizing as it actually is but it definitely didn't disappoint.  It wasn't as sweet as other halo halos I've tried before and the cheese made it extra special.  I loved it! Finished my bowl in record time. hahaha  :) ★★
First Colonial Grill. This was a winner!  I didn't expect how good and cheap eating out here is. My mom and I went in at their Pacific Mall branch in Legazpi City, Albay for dinner and ordered a plate of pinangat and their liempo meal that came with tinapa rice.  We were surprised when they gave us an extra cup of rice and when we told them we didn't order any, we were informed that the liempo meal came with unlimited serving of rice. Awesome!  The liempo was okay... but the tinapa rice was really good!  It went really well with the pinangat.  We enjoyed our dinner so much we decided to eat there again for lunch the following day. ★★
Spirals buffet. I had been looking forward to this one for yearsss!  Seriously.  So you can't imagine how ecstatic I was when M invited me for a Spirals lunch last Saturday.  :)  The food wasn't as great as I expected (I might have been hyped up too much) but the experience was great nonetheless.  I enjoyed their  grilled lamb chops, sushi and mini chocolate chip cookies the best!  These more than made up for the other so-so food on offer that I tried that day.  Overall though, it was great - probably the best hotel buffet experience I've had so far. Thank you M for the gastronomic treat! ★★
Mister Kabab. After a quick run at the gym, M took me to dinner at Mr. Kabab (after he lost a bet. harhar) I had a HUGE plate of Chicken Beryani and a refreshing glass of yoghurt shake. Yummymeeh!! :)  ★★
Midnight Mercato. We went there Friday evening expecting a huge crowd and a huge variety of yummy food section but were quite disappointed with the unappetizing offer, most of which were overpriced (in my opinion.)  We had sausages and some takoyaki balls for kicks.  Made us think that maybe this was just hyped up online.  But we'll probably go back and try it out again once we start hearing more good stuff about it.  For now though, Banchetto still tops my list of midnight food markets in Metro Manila. 
KFC Fried Chicken. OMG. I had been dreaming and breathing fried chicken the past week or so! hahaha I've been having fried chicken almost every single day, mostly from KFC, though today we had a bucket from Jollibee.  They're so goOOOod especially with tons of ketchup (my condiment of choice), I can finish 3 or 4 pieces a meal! Fried chicken is lurveeeee! :):):) ★★COPYRIGHT © 2011 JuanaTravels.

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