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Maxi Cosi Loola Reporters Task 4 – Final Thoughts…

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

August 13, 2013, admin, Reviews, , 0

Review of the Maxi Cosi Loola

Well that is it, the end of putting the Loola through it’s paces.  Our final task as a Maxi Cosi Reporter is to give you my full review of the Loola so, here goes…

Setting up the Loola…

Task 1 saw us unpacking and setting up the Loola.  When the box arrived I didn’t think the pushchair was going to be that big as the box seemed quite small, however, upon further investigation it was just incredibly well packed!


The setting up of the Loola was relatively straight forward and self explanatory which was a relief as the instructions we received were not easy to follow at all and I quickly threw them to one side!

Once set up I really saw the full size of the Loola.  It is a large pushchair with a really large storage space underneath which has been incredibly useful, particularly whilst on holiday last week, for carrying waterproofs, picnics etc.

Using the Loola…

We have found the Loola very easy to use and nice to push.  It did take a while to get used to the hard handle and same sized wheels as the pushchair we had been using for the previous nearly 5 years, was completely different and it did take some getting used to.  The fact that you can have the handle at two different heights has proved really useful for us too.  Big Mr A is much taller than me (well it doesn’t take much!) and so it has been nice to be able to easily adjust the height by just pushing two buttons, depending on who is pushing.


As I have said in previous tasks, Little Miss A is incredibly comfy in the pushchair and often falls asleep within a few minutes of being in there.  Even over rough ground she is not disturbed by the bumps.


Unfortunately last week we had a few occasions of having to utilise the rain cover.  The rain cover that comes with the Loola is very easy to fit and does fit the pushchair perfectly, even with the hood open to it’s full stretch.  I also have found the air holes in the cover to be extremely useful and do prevent a lot of condensation from forming.

Raincover for the Maxi Cosi Loola

As I have said before, one of the main features I really like about the Loola is the double aspect hood.  It is really handy being able to stretch it out that bit further to either protect Little Miss A from the sunshine or to give her more protection when she is sleeping.  I also really like the small window that goes around the whole hood, when she is world facing, I can have a peek through the top window to check she is OK.

Extended hood of Maxi Cosi Loola

Another aspect I really like is that the seat can be either parent or world facing.  Most of the time we do have it world facing as Little Miss A is very nosy, however, sometimes, if she is not feeling well, it is nice to be able to have her facing us.  The seat is easy to change around too with just the click of a couple of buttons.

Whilst on the subject of the seat, I really like that it can lay right back, making it suitable from birth (with the absolutely gorgeous baby nest that Little Miss A is too big for *sob*).  It is also incredibly easy to lie back and can be done one handed, something which was a novelty for me as our previous pushchair you had to stop and use both hands.

Little Miss A asleep in Maxi Cosi Loola with seat fully reclined

Whilst on holiday last week we really gave the pushchair a good test over all kinds of terrain and many hills and I have to say it coped incredibly well considering all the strain it was put under.  It does need a clean now (many pushchair picnics were had too!) but apart from that it is still looking great.

Chestnut Centre Derbyshire
Chestnut Centre Derbyshire

Another thing I want to mention is the colour.  When I was told which colour I would be receiving to review I didn’t think I would like it at all.  On the website it looked like quite a dull pink, however, when it arrived I was extremely happy to note it was a much more hot pink than the online pictures had suggested.  I have had a lot of complimentary comments about the colour both online and in taking the pushchair out and about.


What I don’t like…

The only aspect of the Loola I do not like is the weight and difficulty in moving it when it is folded.  I love the fact that it umbrella folds which I think is quite a unique feature for a pushchair of this size, however, when folded it is incredibly heavy to lift and you can’t pull it along on it’s wheels.  It is not the kind of pushchair I would use if relying on public transport as I know if I had to fold it for storage on a bus whilst holding Little Miss A and trying to stop Little Mr A causing havoc I would not be able to do it!  Also, if you are planning on having this as your only pushchair, make sure it fits in your boot!  We have a Zafira which has a huge boot so have had no problems taking it out and about with us, however, when I tried to put it into my Mother-In-Law’s Yaris it would not fit at all.


My overall opinion…

I have really fallen for the Loola.  After using the same pushchair for nearly 5 years now I didn’t think I would change, however, I now use the Loola all of the time and can’t see me going back.  I would never have chosen a pink pushchair either, however, now I have it I really love the colour and can’t imagine going back to anything else!

Chestnut Centre Derbyshire

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