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Matthew Makela: Mr. I Hate Gays...and Being Straight on Not Being Straight!

Posted on the 20 May 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Glory, Hallelujah!! I spoke to the Lord, personally...and he has forgiven me. Praise the Lord! I am re-born! least, until next weekend!
It's incredible that in an era of Social Media and Technology, would someone with at least some resemblance to normal intelligence, understand such things in the world as YouTube? about Instagram?
If you're in Politics or a Public figure known in your community for your conservative ways, particularly to your own flock of Parishioners...and if you made a name for yourself, and a reputation as a rabid fanatical just don't visit Grindr!! Yes! if you're that stupid, you deserve all the embarrassment!...and so does, those who gullibly follow every word you say! You're all an embarrassment to your faith!
"The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy" ~~~ Alan Dershowitz
The fact that Matthew Makela is a homosexual or a bisexual who enjoys showing himself off to others on the Internet, is not important!...what you do in your own privacy, or in this case, in public; is your god-given's the hypocrisy of a man whose true character is someone who's not whom he pretends to be. Persecuting others' the tradition of J. Edgar and Roy Cohn...while being exactly like those he persecutes!
Yes, there were others claiming the "sex addict" label...Anthony Weiner comes to mind...but Weiner never opposed others for the way they are. Matthew Makela is a father of 5 kids, but has his dark one's perfect, but not everyone is a hypocrite about it!
What is it about Christian Pastors and Ministers, sinning all night and repenting in the morning, declaring themselves born-again? Even If you're only sort of Religious, that's obscene!!
Through the years, disgraced Ministers such as Ted Haggard with his homosexual issues, Jimmy Swaggart soliciting prostitutes, Jim Bakker and his infidelity with Tammy Fae, or Richard Roberts misappropriating University Funds...all were miraculously saved and born-again to see another day...and all of them forgiven. How Christian of them to forgive themselves and each other! it's like nothing ever happened!...all still respected and loved by their fanatical flocks. Wonder how God is looking at all of this, especially the forgiveness among themselves in his name? A man of the cloth should know better!
Declaring oneself "Born-Again",  essentially admonishing all your sins...and then, forgiving yourself! Why didn't they teach that in Catholic School?...sure beats all those confessions with the Monsignor!
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