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Material Girl

By Amogere14

Initially, I’d wanted to upload this outfit as Halloween costume idea, but then I wasn’t able to take photos in time for the occasion. It was meant to be a sort of 80′s material girl look with the skater skirt, the iridescent court shoes and jumper, complete with a bright pink lip. Then of course, Halloween came and went and I still thought that the outfit would be perfect even on a night out (although you might feel hot wearing the jumper), or even during the day with a nice pair of flats and a cross-body bag.


Jumper – H&M

Skirt – Warehouse

Court Shoes – c/o Backyard Shoez

Clutch – Primark

Necklace – New Look

Lip Colour – MAC Relentlessly Red & MAC Magenta lip pencil





Just when I was going to upload a post about embracing your legs and wearing short skirts and dresses, we get stories in the news about girls being stripped naked because what they’ve worn has been deemed ‘indecent’. What happened to freedom of expression? So now women are being shunned for wearing whatever they wear because Tom, Dick and Harry are finding their outfits indecent?

It saddens me that even in this day and age, women are still classified and treated as (sexual) objects, with men feeling free to do what they want to us. What is even more sad is that given freedom of choice, we are still not able to wear what we want, we are almost supposed to not turn cat callers down. Has society really come to this? How are we supposed to embrace an equal society if we are judged solely by the way we dress? Doesn’t beauty lie in the heart of the beholder? If someone’s dressing offends you, why not look away? It’s not your business anyway. If I decide to wear a short skirt and feel beautiful and sexy in it, of course I will wear it out of the house and not expect to receive judgment from it.

Two women (in Nairobi and Mombasa) in the past week have been stripped naked because they were dressed ‘indecently’ (see here and here). To me, it screams out loud that men obviously still feel that they have control over women. The very same women who are the backbone of society. The very same women who give birth to men in the hopes that they become great future leaders, people who leave a positive mark in this world. How would these men who strip women feel if that was their mother, daughter, sister, friend, niece or aunt stripped? I can only pray for them to open their closed minds and see that whatever they’re doing is a detriment to society.

Be safe,


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