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Mars Retrograde – Time to Reflect on What You’ve Done.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Ah Mars, the red planet. The sign of the warrior, the winner, the aggressor. The planet of action, the one which impels us to get of our backsides and go and do something constructive with our lives. The world would go nowhere without the sheer energy and pioneering spirit given by the red planet. Mars moves into retrograde motion tonight at 00.53 London time. What I mean by retrograde motion is that in relation to the movement of the earth, Mars seems to be moving backwards. Just one of those quirks of the orbits that the planets have. Mars goes into retrograde once every 2 years or so for a couple of months.

Now Mars’ energy is great going ahead, moving forward. That’s what Mars is all about, however Mars does not act so well when it moves into retrograde motion. If someone or something wants to go forward, but if it can’t then a certain frustration level can build up. The great warrior wants to go out and fight battles and discover new things but in retrograde he is confined to barracks for nearly three months. No wonder he is going to get irritable. So he stays in the compound and does odd jobs, repairing stuff, cleaning up making things tidy and neat before he is allowed to go back out on patrol.

Take this analogy and apply it to wherever transiting Mars is in your personal chart, for Mars’ boundless energy is going to be put on hold for the next few months until it finishes it’s retrograde pattern on 15th April. For example if Mars is moving through your 10th house of work, you will find that all your ambitions and plans will go on hold for a while, decisions may be put off or reversed. If it is moving in your 4th, you may find that home-life gets rather fraught and your family members all start to get a bit tetchy for a couple of months. If it is moving in your 2nd, your money supply dries up for a while, in your 1st you feel a bit lethargic and lacking in physical energy.

During Mars retrograde it is never a good time to start new projects. Simply because once Mars gets moving forward again those projects may get wound up for some reason or another and you may have to start afresh. Another tip, never try to purchase new machinery or vehicles, technical things in a Mars retrograde period. They often go wrong or break down needing expensive repairs. On a personal level, you may find that people everywhere are a bit on edge, just because like you they can’t seem to get things moving. You may find yourself going back to square one again but don’t get downhearted. Mars retrograde makes us think about our previous actions, helps us to review all that we have done in the previous two years. It is time for correction, to refocus our gaze and to realize where we have made mistakes, and gives us a chance to redress the balance.

Mars in Virgo is the ultimate clean up position. Virgo is detailed, likes to refine and to put in order. Virgo is down to earth and practical and so this is a perfect time for you to get those details correct, to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, to get rid of any unwanted things in your life, Mars in Virgo does not mind getting it’s hands dirty so go out and sort out all the messy stuff in your life. It’s time to put things in order before we start moving ahead once again in April.

If you know your own horoscope, below is a quick guide in what to expect between now and mid April :-

Mars moving through the 1st – You may feel a bit lethargic and lacking in get up and go for a few months, Personal projects may not go according to plan and you may lack in some confidence.

Mars moving through the 2nd – Money and personal finance issues may take a turn for the worse, or money dries up. You may be rather lacking in personal self-worth for a while and not as confident as you normally would be.

Mars moving through the 3rd – Communications are the focus here, with you being irritable and a bit on edge. Arguments with siblings are possible, also local transport issues or schooling issues may affect you during this time.

Mars moving through the 4th – At home relations with the family members will be more fraught than usual. There may be misunderstandings and arguments may breakout over trivial issues. If you are moving home, things will not go so smoothly and house repairs ort improvements may hit snags or problems.

Mars moving through the 5th – All areas of creative ability will suffer, you will not be as inspirational as normal. Best not to bet or speculate as luck may not be on your side. Problems with children and lovers may occur, as your outward romantic and loving feelings go on hold.

Mars moving through the 6th – Health is the issue here and you may suffer some annoying ailments or health problems. Relations with work colleagues may be so good and disagreements may come up at work.

Mars moving through the 7th – Permanent and marriage partners may not be in such a good mood and there may be problems. It may be time to asses how your main relationships stand.

Mars moving through the 8th – There could be issues with money invested or with other people’s possessions or shared resources. Also issues with big business may disrupt your life. Matters on an intimate level may concern you.

Mars moving through the 9th – Matters of higher education could be a concern, maybe you will not be making the progress you anticipated. Travel plans may go awry or there may be disruptions. Legal matters may not go smoothly and matters of personal faith may be reassessed.

Mars moving through the 10th - Here your ambitions and work progress may go on hold. There could be disagreements with bosses or with people in authority. Work projects may stall.

Mars moving through the 11th – Matters with friends are an issue here, maybe they will go back on an agreement or refuse to aid you. Also you may have issues with groups and associations and events planned through them may be put off or cancelled. The love you receive from others may dry up.

Mars moving through the 12th – Private or solitary work may have to be put back or areas of your life where you provide some sort of service could be put on hold. Spiritually, you may reassess what you believe in.

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