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Mars Moves Towards the Uranus Pluto Square – Time to Act to Secure Your Future.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


These aspects are valid now Uranus square Mars is exact on 23rd November and the Lunar Eclipse is on 28th November.

Mars moving solidly forward now in Capricorn is encountering a square with Uranus moving retrograde in Aries. This is a strong determined Mars and Uranus retrograde is normally more reactionary than when moving direct so we have a clash of energies that normally brings fireworks.

Mars represents positivity, action, force, bravery, strength, rage & anger. Uranus is independent, electric, unusual or unique, talented, revolutionary, rebellious and sometimes perverse.

This square suggest to me taking whatever action one deems necessary to seek freedom. It reminds me of an old fashioned siege, with Saturn the king hunkered down within the castle and the barbarians outside using every weapon they have to try and break an entry. Uranus is still under a close inconjunct from Saturn so that revolutionary energy is being blocked. Now Mars is coming along to add fuel to the fire to try and break down those Saturn walls. Mars as it makes this square also makes a sextile to Saturn so there is huge determination here, but those castle walls of Saturn in Scorpio are impenetrably thick!! So what does Mars and Uranus do? Unusual shock tactics? Diversions? Keep throwing firebombs at the walls hoping they will fall? Saturn sextile to Mars is in an aggressive mood too and will be fighting back with all it’s might. This is an unholy battle going on. 

Are you being held back in achieving your ambitions, it there something in the way that you can’t seem to overcome? Banging your head your head against a brick wall? Uranus shows where you want to revolutionize your life, Saturn shows blockage that is holding you back, Mars shows the action you are trying to take to break the siege. Maybe you are like Saturn in this drama, stubborn, unflinching, afraid to accept change? Putting up the barricades against those rebel forces?

Now, Uranus square Mars shows impulsive action and this can lead to sudden success and achievement; it may win the battle but it won’t win the war while Uranus is retrograde, well not yet at least until Uranus goes direct next month. These two forces are going to need a helping hand to win the day, but fear not as the cavalry is coming.

As Mars gets to Pluto on fixed star Facies next week under the influence of the Lunar Eclipse and the full Moon, then those rebels will get their hands on a terrible weapon that can force a breakthrough. Mars conjunct Pluto square to Uranus does have the destructive power to finally knock down those castle walls to the ground. This is the spark (Mars) to the atom bomb (Pluto), and as diplomatic and peaceful Venus conjuncts with Saturn at the same time, the King will finally be forced to change the rules and make long lasting alliances with those who want to destroy him. Saturn in Scorpio is being presented with a stark choice, comply or die!!

In the same way, there will be changes in your own life. If you are one of those rebels, then I think you will get the chance to breathe new energy and freedom in your life, those blockages may be blasted away and you can move on to pastures new. If you are the more stubborn type like the deposed King I describe, you may have to accept that the rules are being rewritten, and that things are going to be very different not so long from now…

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