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Mars in Leo – Showing Everyone Exactly What You Can Do

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


In the past 24 hours, Mars has slipped into the regal sign of Leo and it will remain here until 15th October. Mars in Cancer was very much concerned with taking action to make sure that everything was secure and safe. Cancer being a mothering sign saw Mars in protective mode, and it would have seen you trying to fight fires in whichever part of the chart that Mars was passing through and you would have been able to action things, like putting up barricades and securing your position in these areas of your life. Mars in a way was becalmed in the past couple of months, as Cancer is a sensitive water sign dampening down Mars’ aggression and fire bringing a tendency to worry, fret and act more defensively than to act boldly.

As Mars moves into Leo, the planet of action and force will be getting it’s mojo back. Leo is a proud sign and one of confidence and suddenly the inclination to take individual action is going to be increased. Now Leo is a fixed sign, so the action we take now will be to maintain and bolster what we already have, rather to start something brand new. Mars in Leo is all about making a statement to the world, in putting on a show to explain to everyone exactly what we are capable of doing. This is a great time to advertise our talents and to show our skills because we will need to feel some love and appreciation from others now. If we think that we are going to benefit from the action we take or decisions we make, then this position will encourage us to do whatever it takes to get the job done; Mars in Leo is generous in the effort that it will put in so long as you are likely to get something out in return.

Now pride does come before a fall, and any blind loyalty to a cause or something we believe in can cause problems. The danger always with Mars in Leo is that we will act out of wanting to make a big statement or out of loyalty without thinking of the consequences first. Mars in Leo can also bring out a rather resentful and grumpy side if after we have tried our best we still don’t get the praise that we expected.

In your chart look to sign of Leo and where it sits and here you will sense a need to show the world what you can do, and in the process you can take some bold decisions in the next month and a half in this area of life. In the world, leaders and governments will be more inclined to act in a more aggressive and spectacular manner but will they do this without thinking of the wider implications of what they are doing? Much care does need to be taken now, something that Mars in Leo is not very good at, less the world may become a more unstable and volatile place.

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