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Mars Conjunct Zosma – Doing Your Bit to Help Those in Need

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


This connection is starting to form and will be active until 5th November 2013. It occurs at 11:31 degrees Virgo.

Mars is now well into the sign of Virgo and the next star it makes contact with is Zosma, a star placed on the back of the great lion in the sky as part of the constellation of Leo.

Zosma is one of those stars which when contacted by the planets brings an element of suffering to bare or creates an atmosphere where victimisation can take place. This is a star of the common man, the one who tends to be on the wrong end of things, he who gets a raw deal or just has to live with regular disappointments in one manner or another. It can also indicate the carer or the one who helps those in need. Robson is pretty damning in his assessment of Zosma. He said it causes “benefit by disgrace, selfishness, egotism, immorality, meanness, melancholy, unhappiness of mind and fear of poison, and gives an unreasonable, shameless and egotistical nature”. This is not one the easiest stars in the heavens to deal with.

Mars is an aggressive influence as well as one that promotes action and so in connecting with Zosma it can indicate action taken to create victims through violence and harshness as well as taking the time to help people in trouble and those who have suffered at the hands of others. I seem to think of charities and those who do work quietly behind the scenes to relieve suffering. This combination is very tied to working in difficult circumstances, in harsh conditions for little thanks or recompense, so look for action by people who work in these kinds of circumstances. Charity givers and volunteers, the military forces, the police and public services, nurses, industrial workers – all these people and others who graft away for the betterment of others come under the auspices of Mars conjunct Zosma and are the type of people who will be motivated by this conjunction. For example, in Britain right now the fire fighters are going on strike, and this exactly fits the brief for Mars conjunct Zosma. They feel victimised, as they believe that their pension rights are going to be eroded by the British government.

In your life, you may be have to serve someone else now who is in trouble or needs help or you may be the one who is suffering at the hands of someone else. Don’t expect rewards for your actions now, as probably you won’t receive any at this time. Then again doing a good deed for someone else will help your self-esteem and maybe through your unselfish work and deeds you will build up some goodwill for when you need some help from someone in the future.

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