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Mars Conjunct the Fixed Star Alkes Helps Iran Strike a Deal with the US.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

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Iran today signed a deal in Geneva with the US to halt the enrichment of Uranium for 6 months in exchange for financial help against the sanctions that it has been under for quite a while. This deal coincided with a link up in the sky between Mars the planet of aggression and positive action and one of the more fortunate stars in the night’s sky, Alkes.

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Mars is now conjunct with the fixed star Alkes at 23 degrees Virgo until the 27th November, a star that resides in the constellation Crater, the sacred Cup. Crater sits on the back of Hydra, the Sea Serpent in the skies. The Greeks considered the cup as one in which Icarus stored his special wine, and this constellation has been seen as a sacred drinking vessel to the Celts, the holy grail in Christian texts or even the lamp of Aladdin. The idea is that it stores something of great value, it holds life, and as such it is revered in the skies. This is a mystical and special star and the stories surrounding Alkes give it the same meaning to us. Any planet connected to this star shows that something of value is stored or held back in reserve. This could be a talent that you have inside you or a possession that you own, or even something that you inherit.

In combination with Mars then we are including the ideas of action and force with something held that is special, also included are the needs to protect and of security. Just as this conjunction has come together, Iran has agreed with the US a deal to stop nuclear production in order to improve security around the world. The nuclear industry that Iran has is seen as something sacred to that nation, and Mars at this moment in time is just hitting the Iranian descendant, thus opposing their Pisces Ascendant. In the face of opposition and pressure on Iran, the Iranians had to act. Indeed this deal that has been struck is over something that has been sacred to them, and also involves negotiations with open enemies (USA) shown by the 7th house that Mars is entering. Mars was also making a square to it’s natal Venus (the diplomatic planet) ruling the 2nd house of the wealth of the nation as well as a square to it’s Midheaven. This was an agreement agreed in the glare of publicity ostensibly about money. 

Of course there are other aspects too that are prompting this decision. Their 7th house Pluto, signifying the nuclear industry is being squared by Venus, the planet of diplomacy, and by Jupiter the planet of international contacts, the meeting was on neutral territory in Switzerland.  The 5th house on a national chart is the one where diplomatic deals are struck, and Iran’s 5th house is rules by the Moon through Cancer on the cusp of this house. Iran’s Moon has been under stress from both Uranus (the planet of science and technology) and Pluto (the nuclear planet) in the past year and finally the pressure has told with a late agreement as these plants prepare to move away. It is interesting  to note that as Uranus comes to a final stop close to the Iranian Moon before moving away in direct motion early next month, it is the production of “uranium” that is focused on now.

I also think that Chiron’s movements in the 12th house of sacrifice opposite to Iran’s 6th house Saturn is having an effect. Iran is hurting and needed to sacrifice something in order to relieve pressure on the ordinary workers and services in their country, signified by the 6th house. This deal allowed some financial relief to take pressure off the Iranian administration (Saturn).

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