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Mars Conjunct Spica - Setting out Your Stall for the Future

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


This connection occurs at 24:03 degrees Libra and will last until 8th February 2014

Mars is slowing up now ahead of it's own retrograde period next month and it is spending an extended time on each star as a result. Mars is in the stars of the constellation of Virgo at this time and tomorrow it hits the bright star of Spica.

Spica is a lovely star that sits in the hand of the Virgin representing the wheat sheaf, the sign of the harvest. This is seen as a gift after all the hard labor exerted in preparing the crops to grow. This star highlights one's skills, talents and one's knowledge and the potential for brilliance, and any planet in your chart which links up with this star can indicate that you have gift within you that you can give to the world. Sometimes these show early in life, then again as you get older and wiser talents and abilities show up that you didn't realize that you had, especially if Spica sits on one's Descendant.

Mars's influence on this star gives a very individual and active feel and Vivian Robson says of this combination that it brings "popular social success, it may show good judgment and allow quick decisions or provoke violence in disputes or foolish actions".

I think this aspect will put a highlight on sport and physical activities, so appropriate that the Superbowl this year falls under it's gaze, the fight for justice and for equal rights (Mars is in the sign of Libra) will see people raising their voices and it is a good time to make plans and to set initiatives for yourself. Mars is starting to make a quindecile to Uranus, so the more violent, aggressive or accidental side of Mars may come out in the next week or two...

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