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Mars Conjunct Neptune - Providing a Little Bit of Inspiration, Or Deception…

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Mars is now rapidly getting close to a conjunction with Neptune, it actually occurs on 4th February but the initial effects of this conjunction will be felt already. This is one of those aspects that you never know how it is going to affect you, whether it's going to promote positive or unfortunate effects.

We have the planet of action of force making a connection with the planet of dreams, imagination, escapism and deception. Quite a mixed bag there as you may be able to understand. On a positive note, this conjunction stimulates us to act on our ideals, that which we dream and long for. In an artistic manner, Mars conjunct Neptune is charismatic and inspirational, great for using your imagination to solve any issue, and I also think it can promote a more mystic and psychic atmosphere, one where you become more receptive to the moods swirling around you. This is a wonderful aspect for helping others, being active in aiding the suffering, being charitable or of service to those who need help.

All well and good, but Neptune has a much darker side too. The conjunction can encourage wrong doing, slight of hand, it can deceive us into believing that fantasy is actually real. Neptune's connection to alcohol, drugs and illegal practices is given a boost now, so be careful not to engage in something that you didn't plan to get yourself into. The chances of this happening are quite high, seeing as this conjunction will be square to expansive Jupiter, breeding false confidence and optimism. My advice to to keep your feet firmly on the ground and your wits about you for the time being.

Neptune rules water, gas and noxious substances and this is possibly while Israel has used force (Mars) this morning in a pre-emptive strike against a Syrian chemical (Neptune) research plant, as according to the BBC it fears chemical based weapons falling into enemy Palestinian hands. Smoke and mirrors or a real threat? Under Mars conjunct Neptune, you never really know.

This conjunction has two parts to it as Mars makes it's initial contact on approach while in Aquarius, before making the actual contact in Pisces. It suggest to me a harder more severe edge it it during the Mars in Aquarius phase, before the softer more imaginative but deceptive side takes hold as Mars enters Pisces...

As I mentioned at the outset, with Neptune and Mars, you get a real concoction of influences happening, and it is difficult for any astrologer to get a correct interpretation on this one. Much the best to use your instincts which are heightened by these planets to see your way though the mist that is descending...

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