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Mars Conjunct Fomalhaut - Making Magic and Fighting the Ideological Fight

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


This aspect is forming now and is valid until Friday 8th February 2013

Mars is now approaching one of the Royal Persian Stars in the heavens, Fomalhaut the fish that drinks the water flowing from the urn of Aquarius sitting in the constellation Piscis Australis. This star is known as the "Watcher of the South" and it has a reputation for bringing magical and mystical properties. If one finds this star in your chart connected to a planet or angle, greatness can be yours but often you will have to be brave in treading a different path from the rest of society - you may have to fight against the odds, stick to your guns when everyone else says you are wrong. There is always a warning that comes with Royal Stars, and here it comes with excess pride, arrogance, and associated dishonesty. If you convince yourself or others into thinking that you can get away with murder, you take people down a road that is deceptive and wrong, then a great and mighty fall from grace will come your way.

Just to show you, Adolf Hitler had Fomalhaut in paran with his Sun and so did Abraham Lincoln. Both were leaders who dared to take a different stance, one was honest and was heralded as one of the greatest Presidents of the United States, and one tried to take over Europe by force and suffered a great defeat and humiliation. Two more examples - both Osama Bin Laden and Charles Darwin had Fomalhaut in paran with their Mercury. Both had beliefs which ran against the main stream of society - we know who was honest and true in his endeavours, and who took the wrong approach and paid the price.

Mars making contact with Fomalhaut, brings increased energy to walk a different path from those around you. This may be artistically, ideologically, deceptively or even aggressively. Mars is in conjunction now too, so you can use the charisma and inspiration of these influences to find different and clever solutions to problems we may have. When Mercury joins Mars on this star on 7th and 8th, we can express our ideas or plans and thus put them into action. Matters of deception, faith, spirituality and ethics may be in the public domain now

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