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Mars Conjunct Acumen – Be Wary of a Sudden Strike.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Scorpion 2

This conjunction is valid from Wednesday 14th Nov and will be in action until Friday 16th Nov 2012

Mars now moves into contact with the second of the Nebulae in the sting of the tail in Scorpio, the fixed star Acumen. This is the nastier, darker and more destructive of the two stars (the other being Aculeus which I wrote about last week). Acumen in Latin means “sting” and in English retains the meaning of being sharp, thus it is not difficult to imagine what awaits us under this conjunction.

A strike from the stinger of a Scorpion can be very dangerous and can kill, so this connection as Mars hits Acumen is not to be taken lightly. There is a sense from this aspect that one also will fight back against injustice or hardship, so look for signs of people taking action to defend their lives and maybe their borders.

Acumen these days although part of the constellation of Scorpio can be found in Sagittarius the sign of faith and religion, and I have this nasty feeling that the existing tension could kick off in a military sense in the Middle East under this conjunction. The signs are there as Syria and Israel are already trading weapon fire across the Golan Heights. Nebulae are associated with blindness, and could it be that a deadly attack (like a strike from the Scorpion’s tail) could lead the leaders in this region to walk blindfold into a wider conflict?

There is a danger of attacks of all types now, personal and physical so check your own chart to make sure that Mars is not making a square or opposition or even a trine to your own Mars, Uranus or perhaps Pluto. If you are receiving such an aspect, please take great care and use restraint at all times if possible. If you are threatened in anyway, the overriding urge with Mars stationed here will be to defend yourself in whatever way you can. It’s time to keep your counsel, keep your temper under control and let Mars pass through this part of the sky so that cooler heads can rule again by the end of the week.

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