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Marley’s World of Awesomeness

By Magsrepublic @republicfashion


Awesomeness  is the only way to describe the world of Marley. House of Marley headphones are all about satisfying the soul and the brand is proud to back amazing alternative sports such as skateboarding, skiing, BMX – you know, all the dangerous skatery shizz that I don’t know that much about.  So the subculture scale is absolutely through the roof!  And this is why we love House of Marley.


Tom wears: House of Marley headphones (shop at Republic)

Marley’s World of Awesomeness

The brand recently sponsored one of the awesomest (I do believe that is a word) beach festivals in the UK and here are some of the cool things that web designer Tom got to see during his time there.


Marley’s World of Awesomeness

Marley’s World of Awesomeness


Cool animated  gifs, you say? Oh these old things? Our web designer Tom eats these for breakfast.


Check out our Marley headphones now and let me know if you’re heading to Boardmasters Festival next year!

Magsy x

Marley’s World of Awesomeness


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