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Marco Rubio: A Little Boy, Trying to Play a Man's Game

Posted on the 14 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
In Politics today, it doesn't take much to know a man's true character. So! here's a short muse on one, Marco Antonio Rubio.
A son of Immigrants who Voted against his own Immigration Bill, and now opposes Immigration for others! This 'little' man who opposes others from living in the United States, wants to be President and declared his Candidacy, symbolically in front of Miami's "Freedom Tower"...that symbol of Freedom for the millions of refugees fleeing oppression. The Welcome Center...the Ellis Island of the 'Pan American' world!
Opposes Immigration! and has the fricken cojones! to stand in front of the 'Symbol' of freedom for millions of Immigrants!! That shows how much respect, integrity, and compassion he has towards Immigrants and especially the disrespect to his own Cuban Community, of which the overwhelming majority...does favor Immigration!!
This little man will change directions of agendas, at a blink of an eye...whatever has to be done to move ahead in his political world. Hopping from one issue in one bed to another issue, in another bed...with whoever's willing to finance his life? He's, your personal Biatch!
They say his strength is his marvelous poetic speechmaking!...and his appearance as a mild-mannered politico in contrast to the rest of the clowns, may inch him up in the short run...but his lack of maturity at the national stage in a Nationwide Political Campaign? Marco is still a little boy who panics! A real pro wouldn't sweat the way he does on TV! And no! it's not the heat in an air conditioned studio environment...and a pro wouldn't look so panicky! Cotton-mouth from a "good" speaker? That, and a nervous sweat? Ted Cruz will chew him up and spit himout in a debate! he's just an Amateur playing in the SuperBowl of American Politics.
Marco Rubio's qualification for President? The US Senate's #1 Absentee Lawmaker!! missing and not Voting on 99 occasions. Now, there's real civic responsibility!! Why vote? his Party hasn't done a damn thing in 6 years, anyhow!
The horseshit: He's a Family Man who prefers not to have his kids in Washington, so he flies home as much as possible to be with his lovely wife and children!
That's lovely and sweet! But, Mr. Rubio! Want to be in Politics? want to be President? Then act like a man and do your work! You got elected to Vote for Bills, not to spend time with your kids! Family? it's Great!! Then get out of politics and spend more time at home!! miss your kids? Political business requires a politico's time more than a normal 9-5 job!! You've always known that! Want to be with your kids more? Move them up to DC with you...or get out of politics!
A family man who loves his kids! Family values, the Lord...naturally! All the Christian Values of today's Republican Party. But, Marco is Politician first, and family values man second! Yea! and why not? the morality of a man who votes against his own Authored Bill...a flaming coward who stuck his tail between his legs when pressured by others in the GOP. The man who explained how his family was forced to leave, and escape the tyranny of Communism in 1959, a few years before communism took hold...just to find out that his parents left Cuba the year Castro returned to the Island in the "Gramma"  to start the war!
More horseshit? I didn't know! my parents never told me when they arrived in America! Reeeeeeeaallly! Pretty stupid for a man who spent his entire life with his Mom and Dad, and never knew anything about them before the time he was born??  a supposedly intelligent man with a Law Degree and an impressive political resume!!...or was he just playing the "Communist" card for his minions? I bet his lips were dry when confronted with the story? and the explanation for the BS? What explanation? all as if it never happened! No!! Marco Rubio still just a little man. The purchase of Aquafina in the Rubio household is certainly going up during this fun ride!!
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