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March To Do List

By Scarecrow
March To Do ListWeeds Everywhere!!
  • Plan autumn/winter planting chart Done see here
  • Make netted area for the Brassica seedlings to live in Done
  • Keep sowing seeds for autumn/winter planting/eating
  • Clear beds as crops finish started
  • Check Wicking Beds: top up with compost/manure or rebuild as necessary
  • Prepare beds for green manure crops started
  • Pick fruit as it ripens continues
  • Keep on top of weed growth accelerated by recent rain!!!!
  • Trim/prune shrubs as weather cools
  • Clear all pathways and make safe/level
  • Begin front garden redesign as weather permits
  • Help Doc with concrete slab for new storage shed Done
March To Do ListAt least I've made a start already! razz

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