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March Propagation Continued....

By Scarecrow
March Propagation continued.......16th-31st March 2011
Turnip Snowball Brassica rapa The Lost Seed direct sown-Wicking Tank c
Onion Domenica Sweet Allium cepa Southern Harvest early direct sowing-Wicking bed 2
Planting Out:
Celeriac White Alabaster seedlings-Wicking Bed 3 **
Celery American Stringless seedlings-Wicking Bed 3 **
Celery Pink seedlings-Wicking Bed 3 **
Florence Fennel seedlings-Wicking Tank a **
Parcel one seedling-Wicking Tank c with the Turnips
Pea Snow Roi de Carouby seedlings-in Wicking Bed 3
Radicchio Rossa di Treviso seedlings-Wicking Tank c with the Turnips
Silverbeet Green Organic seedlings-the Wicking Bed in Almond Area
Emu Bush:info here
Eremophila glabra (orange)
Eremophila maculata (pink)
Eremophila weldii (deep mauve)
Golden Daisy Bush Euryops pectinatus info here
Wild Fuchsia Info here Correa "Dusty Bells"
Rock Rose White Cistus ladanifer
A Yellow flowering Groundcover (???name)
** Out-of-season Plantings
The plants marked ** are trial autumn plantings as these plants did not grow well over summer. The beds will be covered with some fleece to keep out some frost but hopefully the early start for these seedlings will mean they put on good growth before the really cold weather sets in.
To see the Garden Layout of our half acre block check out the (newly updated) Map of our place HERE

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