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MARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day Ever

By Suma @ThFabJunkie
MARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day Ever
Hey Loves! 

Oh, how I have missed you guys. BUT that is besides the point. A few weeks ago, I was able to stop by the new Birchbox Store in Soho. I've been meaning to go in and check it out but I just haven't had the time. Since I am part of their Birchblogger program, I was picked to attend their FIRST in store blogger event with Marcelle Cosmetics. Exciting right? I know, I was thrilled when I got the email. Not only was I able to see the gorgeous store but there was a makeup demo with Marcelle Cosmetics and some other wonderful things happening that day. Two words: Lipgloss Bar.
Moving on.........
Marcelle Cosmetics is a Canadian based company that promises "Beauty without compromise".  That means no perfumes and hypo-allergenic beauty products. We were able to take a few products home with us and learn a little about the company that day. Are you ready for the best part? I mentioned it a few minutes ago- There was a Lipgloss Bar! We had the opportunity to create our own unique lipgloss colors!
(some photos were taking with my Iphone so the lightening isn't great.) 
MARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day Ever
We first chose the Base Color (step 1), then the Finish (step 2) and last the Special Effect (Step 3). We had a special "mixologist" on hand who brought our creations to life. Check him out below.
MARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day EverMARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day Ever
After all the chatting and mingling, we all walked away with special one of a kind glosses.  It was genuinely so much fun to create my own color. So hard to decide but still fun! ___________________________________________________________
I was pretty eager to play around with their products when I got home. I am a eyeshadow palette hoarder so I was obviously happy when I saw this beautiful palette in the bag. I like shadow palettes because sometimes I don't want to "think" when I am doing my eyes. It's nice to have colors in one place that just go together. I am obsessed with the deep blue in this palette by the way. All the colors are gorgeous and they go a long way. If you want to intensify any of the colors I would recommend using a damp eyeshadow brush.
MARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day Ever
I used this palette the other day when I went out for dinner with some friends. I created a simple but fun look. I was dying to use that deep blue (as I mentioned, I fell in love with the color) so I blended some into my outer corners and used it on by waterline.
MARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day Ever
The shadows went on smoothly and had minimal fall out. I normally look like a raccoon while I apply my eyeshadow but I noticed I didn't have much to clean up. The last few times I went out, I grabbed for this palette so that is a good sign.
MARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day Ever
Here are the gorgeous glosses I created. The glosses are on the sheer side but add a nice kick to any look.
MARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day Ever
Their cleanser is pretty interesting to use- I personally never heard of a BB Cream Cleanser but it does exist, as you can see. It's a cleanser that doesn't need to be rinsed off and works overnight to give you that BB Cream effect all the time. So far, I love their BB Cream (right)- the couple of times I used it, I had no complaints. Lightweight and not oily.
I really enjoyed learning about Marcelle Cosmetics. I have a feeling you guys will be seeing a lot of them on TFBJ. Big thank you to Birchbox for hosting such a great event. Check out Marcelle Cosmetics and see all the amazing beauty products they have to offer! 

Until next time...................
MARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day Ever

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