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Manjack Hike

By Saltykisses @svprili

manjack drawing

Manjack Cay is a little bigger then I thought. One of the residents on the island made a trail enabling cruisers to walk from the anchorage over to the beach on the other side. We were told it was a 20 minute walk which isn’t that bad. We met one of the property owners on the way, the OB/GYN (that wants to keep a good distance away from me) warned us not to do the loop because it would be too much for me. Ahhh bugger that, it’s just a short walk.

I think we left the boat around 10am and didn’t get back until 1pm. It was little more than a short walk. The trail was excellent but we all had to watch our footing because of all the rocks and tree roots. And little miss wags walks at snail pace and has to lay her hands on every tree, leaf and nut she can find. We finally made it to the beach on the other side which was gorgeous. We had it all to ourselves too. The girls striped down naked and chased the waves. I wish I had remembered to bring the camera. The north winds were still blowing around 15 knots and they soon got chilly. We decided against the docs wishes to do the loop to see more of the island. Around the middle of the island we were all surprised to see hundreds of hermit crabs making their way across the trail. Big, small, red, purple we checked them all out. Luckily we didn’t bring a bucket or Pri would have brought them all home. From there we found lovely sandy coves where we washed the brush off our legs and feet. This side of the trail was less traveled and we had to walk through tall grasses. The girls weren’t too pleased with this. I think all in all we walked probably over 3 miles. Wags had to be carried for the final 15 minutes of the walk and Pri said her legs we “tired, sooo tired legs”. As for me I was exhausted. We ran into the doc on the way back again and I think he got a little nervous when Carl asked him what radio channel he monitored (just in case). After lunch I took an hour nap with the girls but still not ready for another adventure – today that is.

Off to Green Turtle tomorrow. It’s been raining for the last few days so I have a truck load of washing, I hope we can find a laundry there. But we’ll definitely have internet. Hooray!!! That’s when I’ll publish this.

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