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Man’s Bliss Becomes A Source For A Woman’s Pain!

Posted on the 19 January 2012 by Medicalminds @Sarina_Med

“Oh! No madam, oh! No madam, not any more, not any more, I won’t do it! “. This is a typical cry of women who came to the gynecological ward at our hospital for a Dilation and Curettage procedure.

I have been patiently waiting for a patient to do this procedure, once you visualize procedures like these, chances are you don’t have to memorize paragraphs, just a recall of what you saw ,can do the job.

I was very much enthusiastic at the start but gradually went into a semi-shock state.

First of all, it’s the genital that we are talking about, ” Mulier est hominis Confusio” meaning  ‘Women is mannes joye and all his bliss”.  It’s the most sensitive part of any human being.  When people tamper with it, like when they want to do abortion of any sort, they create opportunities for the doctor to insert several metallic instruments into the man’s bliss area and beyond.

The litholomy position, whoever discovered the position definitely knew how to expose all the sensitive parts of the female genitalia. Imagine what happens when a metallic rod like instrument is inserted in your vagina, cervix and to the uterus and its contents are removed by a device that sucks out any implanted fetus that remains of.

When asked why she did it, it was a really simple answer; she just did not want a baby at the moment. She is in her 20′s. Why did you marry at such a young age? Her husband’s family came to ask for her hand, her parents agreed and hence she became the wife of Mr. X.

She is giving her grade 12 examinations later this year. Before she leaves on discharge, she is requested to avoid any coitus for a period of 15 days. Will they listen?

Couples, Couples, please be intelligent when it comes to having sex! Unwanted pregnancy and early removal of product of conception can makes it difficult to conceive in the future.

Man’s Bliss Becomes A Source For A Woman’s Pain!

If women can’t control their ovulation by OCP, it high time men helped, use barrier even when your women is in Oral Contraceptive Pills regimen. In most of the cases that I have seen, women lose their compliance gradually over the years.

It’s high time; men were encouraged to help women to avoid any unwanted pregnancy. If your love your spouse or girlfriend, start with avoiding any unwanted pregnancy.

Gynecology does not freak’s me out; in fact, I have been interested in it, for myself, for my friends and family. I am trying all my best to learn as much as they offer from teachers.

It’s the patient that shocks my heart, they scream, they complain of uncontrollable pain despite the pethidine drip, it must hurt like hell.

It’s been several hours since I viewed that procedure, but it is still revolving in my head, her screams, her crying, and her decision. The very thought of inflicting pain on a women makes me sad!

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