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Mamagoto's Tah-Koh Festival: Asian Soft Shell Tacos

By Thetastingfork
Mamagoto is constantly coming out with new food menus and food festivals, and this time round they’re out with the Tah-Koh festival menu. Asian soft shell tacos that are filled with all things summery, and with a lot of variants to choose from.
Mamagoto has 7 kinds of Tah-Kohs in this menu- cheese, tofu, chicken, pork, duck, crab and prawn. There are two tacos in each portion, and they’re priced quite nominally based on what you’re choosing. I tried the Cheesy Tah-Koh from the veg options and it consisted of a fried crispy Panko-crusted ball of goat cheese, with a yummy Mango salsa and kimchi salad to go with it in the taco. Crunchy, fresh and delicious!Mamagoto's Tah-Koh Festival: Asian Soft Shell Tacos
Mamagoto's Tah-Koh Festival: Asian Soft Shell TacosThe Chicken Tah-Koh (Smoky) consisted of smoked chicken that was also encrusted with a beautifully crisp exterior. There was a green chilli mayo in it in with salsa- the green chilli wasn’t that evident but the salsa tasted really good with the chicken. All the tacos had greens in them for the freshness, and they did the job of adding summer to the dish beautifully.
The Porky and Craby were the real deal in terms of the meat. As per flavor and taste, I loved the Pork Tah-Koh the most! Pork Belly with a yummy sweet plum sauce glaze, sliced green apple and greens for balancing the act out. Crispy and delicious! The Craby has been executed brilliantly by Mamagoto. You would expect a place only to have traces of crab or duck in such dishes, but they made sure the crab was the star of the taco. Very chunky, very fresh, you could taste a mouthful of crab in each bite. Laced with chilli mayo that balanced the saltiness of the soft shell crab, this also had pickles, spring onion and Japanese Barbeque sauce. Surprisingly nice, but the Porky still remains my favorite.Mamagoto's Tah-Koh Festival: Asian Soft Shell Tacos

The festival has 2 kinds of flatbreads- Veggie and Mushroom. I tried the Veggie one which was topped with artichoke, radish and a mango sauce. The flatbread was like a nacho, only it was fried. Not exactly a nacho but somewhat similar. The mango sauce balanced out the saltiness of the flatbread and the artichoke gave it the freshness of summers. A great appetizer to share on the table.Mamagoto's Tah-Koh Festival: Asian Soft Shell Tacos

The menu has oriental and Mamagoto written all over it, even though the dish is Mexican. And that is what they strived to do I believe.  The meats and vegetarian core products are all Oriental and Pan Asian in taste, and it’s a great mix with Mexican taste.
Mamagoto has also come out with a drinks menu to go with this festival, and the menu is again dominated by fresh summer flavours. They haven’t gone all out with the drinks menu and put creativity in everything, but they’ve kept it simple and limited to what people like. Melons, Lychee and fruits that are fresh and summery.Mamagoto's Tah-Koh Festival: Asian Soft Shell Tacos Mamagoto's Tah-Koh Festival: Asian Soft Shell Tacos
A very unique menu that has been introduced, totally in sync with summers and bang on with the flavours.Mamagoto's Tah-Koh Festival: Asian Soft Shell TacosTimings: 12 Noon to 11:30PMDisclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the establishment. All views expressed belong entirely to me and are completely unbiased in nature. However, readers may exercise their own discretion.Connect with me on:Twitter: @sahibagursahaneInstagram: @thetastingforkFacebook: Snapchat: thetastingfork

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