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Making Paper Plate Pizzas

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt

Making Paper Plate Pizzas
It’s no secret that sometimes the idea of making pizzas is more appealing than eating them... especially if you’re a preschooler.  I can’t count the number of times my daughters have literally leapt up onto their chairs at the chance of helping Happy Husband or I assemble pizzas on the kitchen bench only to have them served up and promptly pick them to pieces again.  ‘I thought you said you wanted that on there,’ we say.  ‘I did,’ they reply; ‘to look at, to cook, but not to eat!’
Enough’s enough I decided one day when I had a handful of paper scraps – make a pizza you’ll never have to eat!
I gave the girls a paper plate each, a handful of pink and yellow paper and plenty of sticky dots (I aimed to get colours that looked like the sorts of things you’d find on a pizza, but I didn’t take it too seriously – it was their pizza after all!)
The girls took great pleasure in lathering their pizza pies with texta and pen ‘sauce’ or a variety I thankfully never had to taste (I don’t even know how to print the way my 3 year old tried to say mayonnaise, nor do I know why she would want to bake it on a pizza.).  They then glued on their toppings, and added their sticker seasoning.
I found it highly amusing, although I have no idea what it means, that one daughter applied stickers around the edge and glued paper in the middle, and the other daughter did the exact opposite.
After they had finished creating, they took their paper pizza pies to to the (crockery cupboard) ‘oven’ where they gently pushed it onto a plate and shut the door to bake, and then a few minutes later took them back to the dinner table to eat.
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