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Making Macaroni Necklaces Classy

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Making Macaroni Necklaces Classy It's no secret that I aim to make classy craft.  As a prerequisite to starting this new venture I promised myself there were two things I would never craft with, never, ever.  The first is the toilet roll.  Yes, they are plentiful and up-cycling is a good way to save the planet  but I'm sorry, those things have spent their whole life right next to the toilet and heaven forbid they might have been splashed or fingered or worse.  Yuck.  I can't tell you how ill I feel when I see the humble toilet roll turned into a decoration that sits on a dinner plate.  I don't care how many layers of crepe paper it's covered in people; do you really want loo-water in your dinner, even indirectly?  Eww.
(And yes - I know that I may have just lost many of you who have done this - I'm sorry - I really am - but this is one thing I can not not abide by - call it a phobia of mine, but there is some rubbish I can't handle... literally... Happy-Husband will confirm I am also particularly squeamish when it comes to bin-juice.)
The second item I predetermined was decidedly un-classy was the macaroni necklace.  And yes, I was that specific in my dislike.  Macaroni as a craft item; maybe.  As a necklace; no.
Imagine my dilemma when Little Lotti bought one home from preschool as my Mother's Day present.  (If you're wondering why it took me so long to post about the necklace it's not because it took a long time to build up the courage, it's because I accidentally lost the necklace.  Of course Freud and the Master-Turtle out of Kung Fu Panda both say "there's no such thing as accidents" so you can see my aversion is strong enough to subconsciously sabotage my own wardrobe!)
What to do?  Adjust.  Adapt.  Break my own rules (well this one at least - the first one - never - sorry - but never).  Time to get crafty.  Yes - I'm a bad mother - but I had to do it; I re-crafted my daughter's craft present as soon as she gave it to me.  I couldn't bring myself to wear it as it was, even though it was coloured macaroni which made it better than most.  Anyway; I'm rambling; breaking the rules has that effect on me... I added a velvet ribbon bow and a flower brooch and tried my darndest to make it more classy and then wore it down the street with squeamish pride.
Ok then; I've got my parenting moment off my chest - so to speak.
So do your worst; start sending that hate mail... unless of course you've been tempted to refashion preschool gifts yourself!
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