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Making Family Photo Stick Puppets

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Making Family Photo Stick PuppetsIt's no secret that when it comes to kids, the simplest things often have the greatest impact.  Take a recent craft project I made with my preschoolers; "the family photo stick-puppet show."
Here's what to do;
  • Select a photo of each family member (use the ones where the face fills as much of the photo as possible - ours were all from the 'reject' box of shots that were so unflattering they would never be framed - but of course you could stage some family photos with hats and crowns especially for the purpose).
  • Cut the face out, including hair, but no neck or shoulders.
  • Tape a craft stick onto the back of each photo (we used red sticks for Mum and the girls and a blue stick for Dad).
  • Using your new family stick-puppets, put on a show (use the end of the bed, or go behind the couch or dining table.)
It was seriously funny watching the girls play themselves and each other, and hilarious to listen to them act out Mum and Dad.  The craft took minutes to make, and even the slow part of searching through old photos was an enjoyable activity in itself.  Once the puppets were made, the perfomrance went on and on... and on... and even now, when they find their stash of 'stick-faces' they run around acting out some new scenario; their favorite game seems to be making mischief, and then explaining that 'mummys-stick-face' is to blame.  
Next time you go to throw out a photo that's not so good... don't.  Be brave, and instead of binning it, turn yourself into a stick-puppet celebrity!

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