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Makes Me Itch

By Brisdon @shutuprun

One thing I do before most races is visit a place that doesn’t smell great, but provides entertainment and affordable options.

Makes Me Itch

Longmont’s finest hang out

Thrift stores exist on a spectrum. There is the upscale consignment shop (like this one I go to in Boulder) that sells high end brand name stuff. The type of stuff I can barely afford to buy even second hand. 

Then there is the downhome, no holds barred, thrift store. This is the place where anything over $5 is considered premium and quite pricey. This is also the place where you can find used sheets and underwear. I am all about consignment, but I will not wear someone’s used and skid-marked undies. I do have my standards.

The reason I go to the downhome thrift store before races is to get warm clothes to wear while I wait around for ten hours in the dark and freezing cold for the race to start. Once the race starts, I toss them.  If you live in Colorado (or a similar climate) you know that our day and night temps vary hugely. It can be 30 degrees at 6:00 a.m. and 80 degrees at noon.  I’m telling you, I freeze my non-existent balls off waiting for the start line gun to go off. That’s why a pre-race thrift store visit is imperative.

My son has grown to love the thrift store and begs me to go there. My daughter thinks it’s gross and the place makes her itch.  Sam and I went this weekend so he could look for a blazer for the homecoming dance. I’m not kidding.  No one has to know his blazer was $2.99 with 10% off unless they read this blog.

We did not find a blazer, but we did find this jacket.


We decided not to get it because he might be mistaken for draperies.

I suggested he just wear these with a tie.


It is really possible there is a pair of used underwear bigger than my head and torso combined?

I found my dress for Ken’s holiday party. I've always wanted to be Cindy Loo Hoo.


Seriously, I did find a dress for $10.99 (probably the most expensive item in the store. Not kidding).  I think it’s sassy and the bottom reminds me of Peter Pan. I’ll sell it to you for $24.99 if you want.



Weird thing is, I got so wound up in all of this cool stuff I forgot to get my throwaway clothes for this weekend’s race. Sigh. Guess I’ll be heading back to itchy-ville for another visit.

Do you thrift store shop? If so, what for? Pre race stuff, Halloween costumes. And, apparently cocktail dresses.

What’s one item you would not buy from a second hand store? Sheets, underwear, tampons.


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