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Make Your Next Solo Trip to Andaman Island

By Heybeautiful

Make Your Next Solo Trip to Andaman Island

Women nowadays have been bit by the wanderlust bug at present with the old and young alike touring the world like there is no tomorrow. Indeed travelling widens your horizons and calms your mind. You would not want to miss out on the wonderful experience of touring the remote locations either when you do not want to go as a group by insisting on the most popular Andaman holiday packages. No issues! You are entitled to do your solo trip as you wish. Surprisingly, going the entire route alone with only the self to keep you company can be a magical experience.

Do not be scared to land on the beautiful islands of Andaman and Nicobar either when you are determined to go solo. The solo travel not only invigorating your experience but also, it heals your soul and mind. Sure, there are umpteen number of nitty-gritty care women should take care as they embark on the road less traveled, that too alone and fancy free. Here are some tips that can help you in your endeavor. Do consider them and enjoy your solo trip to the fullest. Bon Voyage!

A few tips to make your solo trip great

Port Blair

Make Your Next Solo Trip to Andaman Island

You are going to disembark from your airplane as well as the ship at Port Blair, the capital of the islands. Do not use it as an entry and exit point though. There is plenty to see in the city as well. Do opt for a single day sightseeing tour and visit all the places that matters within your budget.

Make sure to attend the spectacular light and sound show at the Cellular Jail and get a history lesson par excellence. It would truly be worthwhile to hear of the sacrifices made by an entire generation so that we could earn our freedom. It would also be interesting to visit the Anthropological museum here. You would get to an insight into the lives of the tribal people indigenous to the area by the artifacts preserved here. Visiting the Mother Nature is not only soul fulfilling but also, refreshing.


Make Your Next Solo Trip to Andaman Island

Feel free to take a long and leisurely bus trip of 8 hours to arrive at the small town of Diglipur, located on Northern Andaman. You get to pass through the most exciting terrain en route traversing through South and Central parts of the islands to reach its northern tip. It is a serene destination that is perfect for the nature lovers who get to visit the beaches yet to be spoiled by commercialization. You might consider shortening the return trip by raveling by helicopter.

Saddle Peak

Make Your Next Solo Trip to Andaman Island

Go to the other extreme and trek to visit the highest peak on the Andaman Islands that stand tall at 732 meters above the sea level. You will be mesmerized by the amazingly green trail and will find the exertion of going uphill to be a cathartic experience.

However, nothing will prepare you for the most enchanting vision of the entire Northern Andaman lying bare before you from its peak. It is indeed a rewarding sight that should not be missed when you do not have to answer to anyone about deviating from a pre-planned itinerary.

Havelock Island

Make Your Next Solo Trip to Andaman Island

You would do well to book a place in the ferry travelling to the Havelock Islands from Port Blair well in advance. The amazing scenic beauty and the turquoise blue sea amidst the glittering white sand stands out most strikingly competing the beach lovers to name it as the best beach across Asia. Be sure to pick the black pebbles from the Kalapathar beach and try your hand at snorkeling there. The Radhanagar Beach, on the other hand, offers a pleasurable walking experience and watching the golden sun dip below the horizon in the evening is sure to make your solo trip an unforgettable experience.

You might hire scuba diving gear to gaze at the colorful fishes, corals or spy upon a lone octopus resting deep below the shore line. You may want to check upon the dolphins while on Havelock by dropping by the Government owned Dolphin resort. Havelock Island has been renamed as Swaraj Dweep by Prime Minister Modi on the last day of 2018. Be sure to remember its new identity should you want to visit the islands once again in future.

Baratang Islands

Make Your Next Solo Trip to Andaman Island

Spare a day for visiting the magnificent locale of Baratang islands that is known for the most amazing natural marvels. You will not want to miss out on the mud island or the most spectacular volcano formed out of the creamy mud oozing out by the action of natural gases. A tour of the limestone caves will make you come face to face with many wonders and freaks of nature. However, the solitary walk towards the cave through the deep mangrove forest is a riveting experience as well. While you may try your hand at snorkeling and scuba diving near the Baratang Islands as well, the walk under the deep sea is one that attracts numerous tourists hoping to try something truly offbeat and exciting.

A visit to the Parrot Islands nearby cannot be missed either. The animal lovers and bird watchers are enthralled to find thousands of colorful birds such as parrots along with parakeets take to the skies above the island filled with lust green foliage. The birds are known to eat their way through the leaves throughout the evening so that it attains a neatly pruned look. A wondrous act of nature that will leave you spellbound.

The common tourists begin shopping in earnest for pearls and other bric-a-brac on reaching the Andaman Islands. The operators offering the best Andaman holiday packages do, however, advise treading with caution. You, during your solo trip would not have to burden yourself with extra luggage on account of buying everything on sight. Collecting spectacularly bright and colorful sea shells as well bright corals by itself can become the highlight of your solo trip. You may also want to obtain the real taste of life at the Andamans by opting for home stay instead of seeking accommodation in a star hotel that has nothing extraordinary to offer.

Make Your Next Solo Trip to Andaman Island

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