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Make Your Moving Easier by De-cluttering

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

Make your moving easier

When it comes to moving house, it seems pretty obvious that the main thing that is going to reduce your workload, is having less stuff to move! If you have a lot of junk and clutter in your house, then getting rid of it before you move will clear up your life ready for you new home, as well as reducing the amount of work you have to do in packing up the house and lifting everything in to the van on the day of the move. In a sense, you are only going to get rid of this junk at some point in the future, so why let it inconvenience you during the move? You would do well to have a look through the following tips for de-cluttering your home in preparation for the move.

First off, as most of the movers advise, get around the house and use a system to identify things that you don’t want, things that you may feel aren’t completely vital in your life, and the things you want to keep. Be pretty ruthless with yourself, as this is the only way to free yourself from those items that you do not need. It may feel like you need them at the point when you are deciding to throw them away, but have you every used these things? And will you ever use them if they stay? Some people use a sticker system, by which items get a colored sticker according to their status of usefulness, whilst other will make piles of things. Whatever works for you, it is essential to take some time to get these things done, well in advance of the move, whilst you still have time.

making your move easier

Once you have worked out what you want and don;t want, you can look in to how to get rid of it all in the most efficient way possible. You will no doubt find that you can sell some of the items that you do not need, as they are still intact and of some value. Do not think that because you have not used your golf clubs since you bought them, that they are worth what you paid however! It is rare for anything to get more than half of it’s original price, simply having been taken home from the shop, or having had it’s tags taken off. Jumble sales, yard sales and bar boot sales are all great places to get rid of things pretty quickly, as they are full of people looking for bargains. Price your things low and you should sell everything, which is the name of the game. Do not get caught up in trying to get massive profits from the process, otherwise you will likely spend too long selling, when all you really want to be doing is getting rid of stuff!

Some things will not be worthy of selling, in which case you should attempt to recycle them as well as possible. Look up the local recycling plant and take your things down there to be sorted. Do not use landfill disposal systems, as this is terrible for the planet.

Another alternative to selling everything is to use one of the firms who pick up your junk and either sell it on for their own profit, or give it to charity shops. This way, you do not have to spend a penny or waste any effort on getting things to places, whilst also potentially benefiting a charity or two! You could always donate things yourself as well.

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Make your Moving easier by de-cluttering
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Make your Moving easier by de-cluttering
Make your Moving easier by de-cluttering
Make your Moving easier by de-cluttering
Make your Moving easier by de-cluttering
Make your Moving easier by de-cluttering

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