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Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with These Tips

By Heybeautiful

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

A peaceful hill station, Kerala is set among tea plantations and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. It is also gradually drawing more national and international women visitors as the state is renowned for its warm hospitality.

Kerala is very well connected by road, railways and also airways. Many travel agencies proactively also suggest to book Kerala holiday package to enhance the travelling experience. It is home to international airports which facilitates visitors to travel at ease across the national and international boundaries and feel the misty weather and cool winds of the Western Ghats.

So what must you expect while visiting Kerala? We have listed a few quick things that are certain to catch your attention.

The cool and reverberating climate

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

Being situated in the close adjacency to the equator, Kerala throughout the year enjoys a temperature between 29ºC and 33ºC. This makes every season in the state suitable for sightseeing and exploring its picturesque beauty. Furthermore, when talking about Kerala's highlands, the climate is cool and pleasant throughout the year and the winter temperatures often fall below 10°C. Another factor that is responsible for the peaceful climate of Kerala is the fact that it is close to the ocean and houses the presence of the fort-like Western Ghats mountain range. This state receives plenty of rain in the monsoons which presents it with a composed and an enjoyable climate throughout the year.

The smell of fresh tea leaves

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

Kerala tells the history of tea production in the hills. The soil and the climate of the Western Ghats prove to be best for tea cultivation. When in Kerala, you will come across several fields that plant and produce different kinds of teas. For photo enthusiasts, the tea plantations in Kerala give a panoramic photo opportunity over the surrounding landscapes. Moreover, a tea plantation tour will give you an insight into the tough lives of early planters and the way they cleared dense forests to plant the first tea bushes. There are also many tea museums that store antique tools and office equipments used in the early days.

The sight of emerald backwaters

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

Backwaters are one of the most popular attractions of Kerala. One can easily spend hours soaking in the surrounding beauty and watching the mist-laden hills that form a backdrop to the backwaters. In addition to the views of these emerald waters, you will also get to behold the vast views of dense green sceneries, rich rice fields and swinging palm trees. If you wish to explore the backwaters closely, hop on to the houseboat and get an enthralling feeling of sailing on these backwaters. It ensures that you have a spellbinding, relaxing and a romantic holiday trip when you visit Kerala.

The mixed aroma of spices in the air

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

Owing to the expansive spice plantations, nothing beats Kerala in its variety and quality of spices. It is a great place to indulge in some spice shopping. The enchanting aroma of the finest cloves, star anise, ginger, cardamom, pepper and turmeric will draw your attention towards the spice warehouses that line the street. It is indeed a mesmeric sight to see the numerous workers packaging and bringing in newer varieties of mixed herbs and spices to the anxious and awaiting crowds that are in a hustle to get their hands on the best produce available.

The golden sand beaches

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

Kerala beaches are noted as the utmost fascinating beaches in the world. The Kerala tourism board is spending over 1000 million to refurbish and maintain its 22 beaches. You will spot several beaches that are in its own way very unique. You can unite with the lovely palm trees that line the shore, the natural harbours, sheltered bays, lagoons and the sky-blue sea on the background. Moreover, you can sip on some refreshing coconut juice and feast on toothsome seafood at the small restaurants set on the beachfront. These beaches offer you an opportunity to indulge in water sports like parasailing, diving, swimming, boating or you can also relax under the sun on the beaches or take a small walk on the beaches.

Sights of Kerala's inviting art and culture

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

Kerala is a heaven of art and culture with its love for traditional dance, drama and music. It is no surprise that various challenging dance forms and the martial arts have stemmed from this part of the world. Kathakali which is the drama based theatrical performance, varied dance forms like Koodiyattam, Mohinattam, Pathakam, Chkyarkooth which is the comedy satire are all originated from Kerala. The art and culture of Kerala reflects in almost all its offerings. Be it the dressing of locals, the items and artefacts available in the markets and also the films and dramatic performances, all truly present the original artistic picture of Kerala.

Homestay invitations

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

What allows this very famous tradition called Homestay is the idea of 'Feel at Home'. You will come across this popular local belief and may also be invited to live in a homestay set up wherein the tourists live together with the natives in their own houses. They get to know about the language, lifestyle, cuisines, religion and every visible feature of Kerala's local culture. If the security issue scares you, there are more than a 50 certified Homestays in Kerala.

Adventure opportunities

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

Expect a lot of adventure opportunities while visiting Kerala for this land which is crowned with unparalleled natural beauty offers you amusing experiences of adventure. The escapade seekers can find a hundred and more options like rock climbing, biking, paragliding, parasailing, water sports like jet skiing, banana boat rides, etc. to challenge their adrenaline spirits. Moreover, if you are a nature lover, you must do Bamboo Rafting. Lie down slightly in the Bamboo and watch the arboreal animals while listening to the sweet medley of the birds.

Ayurvedic spas and treatments

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

Kerala presents a number of rejuvenation therapies to its tourists by the traditional Ayurveda methods. These include meditation, yoga, diet plans, etc. that are highly recommended for living a clean and healthy life. The spas and massage parlours also encourage the use of oils drawn from natural herbs and plants that hold high regards in our ancient Ayurvedic books. There are also various Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala that help people who come in for particular Ayurvedic treatment needs.
Spicy and tangy cuisines

Kerala's food most certainly makes a handful of the abundance of spices that are grown on the very land itself. Most of the dishes you will eat will have a dash of spicy coconut-based taste to them. Fish is what you can expect at every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And for vegetarians, the food will be served to you on a banana leaf which is the hallmark of Kerala food. A traditional meal will comprise of a tantalizing assortment of flavours of curries, rice, and chutneys. Make sure of eating with your hands to make the most of the gourmet experience.

So what is it that is making you wait? Go ahead and book from the several options available for Kerala tour packages from Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, Kolkata and other national and even international destinations and make memories worth a lifetime.

Make Your Kerala Trip Awesome with these Tips

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