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Make Facebook Interesting by Changing Language

Posted on the 04 September 2014 by Pratyaksh Somani @somanitechshow
Facebook regularly introduces some new features so that its users do not get bored with time. And so now Facebook has come up with a new feature. We have already seen so many changes Facebook did with time to improve user experience with time. But this time Facebook brought a change in basic level. This is its Language. Lets find out.

Change Facebook Language

Change your boring Facebook Language from English to a new and more interesting language. No no I am not saying to learn a new language. But get an interesting and funny by changing language to English Pirate. Yes English Pirate will replace your boring and same old Facebook terminology terms with some interesting ones. It is amazing and pretty cool to use. Change Facebook Language to English Pirate. This will make some boring words such as Like, Comment, Followed by, Status Update Default Message, Notifications and other terms with funny Pirate words.
Make Facebook Interesting by Changing Language

How To Change Facebook Language

It is very simple to change Language in Facebook. Just go through this step by step tutorial to change Language.

Step 1: On the top most menu bar click on drop down sign located just next to Privacy settings button.

Change language in Facebook

Step 2: Clicking on that gives settings from drop-down. Click on that "Settings" button. Now you will navigate to General Setting.

Change Language in Facebook

Step 3: On General Setting screen you will see "Language" option. Select it to change language.

Change language in Facebook

Step 4:Change your Language to English (Pirate) from the available language options.

Change language in Facebook
Change language in Facebook

Step 5: "Save" so that the changes can be applied.
Change language in Facebook

What Changes are seen?

Your Facebook profile terminologies will change and old ones will change with new and funny pirate language words. Have a look below words are changed.
  • Changes that are observed in Profile are-
Change language in Facebook

Friends is changed to Me Herties.Time is transformed to roundabouts.Like is seen as takin' fancy.Reply becomes Scrawl.Photos becomes Portraits.

  • Changes in Panel (Friend Request, Messages, Notifications) are-

Make Facebook Interesting by Changing Language

Friend Request

Accept Friend button Add is now Aye aye!

And Add Later is changed to Be gone, yer scurvy dog!
Ha ha Crazy and Funny. Some more crazy changes can been seen like mutual friends and message if only one friend is mutual. You can see in above image.

We can see funny changes in Messaging tab also. Some are-

Make Facebook Interesting by Changing Language

Facebook Messages

New Message is now Cast new Bottle
Inbox is now Bottle o' Messages.

Funny changes in Notification tab-

Make Facebook Interesting by Changing Language

Facebook Notifications

Notification is now Hail-Shots.

Time ago is now glasscycles.
  • Changes in Facebook Home-

Make Facebook Interesting by Changing Language

These changes are the funniest changes seen in this.

Up Coming Events is now Grog Fests.
Groups is termed as crews now.
See More is Peer into depths.
And the best ones are chat board, see in bottom right corner of above image. And Update status which is now Update your Plunderin'
Some more changes are also observed. This were snaps from my Facebook profile my Now get them using steps added above. And please tell us how you liked this post. Aye aye! ;)

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