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Make a ReWritable Memo Board Tutorial

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt

Make a ReWritable Memo Board Tutorial
It’s no secret that sometimes the only thing between me and disaster is a list.  Sometimes I have several, and I confess this approach is a mistake.  Trying to have one on the fridge, one on my phone, and one on my computer is a) overwhelming, b) confusing, c) time consuming to manage, and d) all of the above!
I decided to turn a picture frame into a single to do list for my desk.   Here’s how to make your own rewritable memo board in mere minutes:
  • Take a picture a dollar-store picture frame which is as close to A4 as you can find, and has an acrylic rather than glass front.
  • Say goodbye to the pretty picture that you had inside (sorry Little Lotti).
  • Trim a piece of stripy paper to fit (I used one of the click-and-print templates from the Christmas Partycraft Printpaper package).
  • Push the acrylic back into place and start writing your list with one of those ‘rewritable’ pens that come with magnetic boards, kids toys, or you can get a new one at your local stationary store.

PS – for a bit of a laugh; the photo on the desk is from my wedding.  My three year old daughter Lotti recently pointed to the lady and asked me; ‘who’s that?’ If that wasn’t funny enough, when I told her it was me, she asked (in her own, round about, often inarticulate, pacifier in mouth way, which I'll paraphrase here), “is that a towel you're wearing or is your dress falling off?”  Until that very moment, it had never occurred to me that anyone who had not seen me on my wedding day in my beautiful ball gown could indeed look at this photo and assume me naked and wrapped in a bath towel or experiencing a wardrobe malfunction moment... darn it... I’ll never look at that picture the same way again!  Funny how your quirky kids can give you gifts when you least expect them... sigh... perhaps it's her revenge for replacing her photo with a to do list!

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