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Major Russian Escalation in the Ukraine!

Posted on the 30 July 2014 by Calvinthedog

There was a major escalation in the Ukraine conflict yesterday. The Nazis fired four Tochka SS-21 missiles at self-defense forces’ positions near the Southern Cauldron where a large Nazi force has been trapped for some time now. Just before they were launched, a large Russian force surged en masse towards the Ukrainian border. They halted just before the border. After the Nazis launched these dangerous missiles, Russian forces shot down all three missiles from inside Russia using some sort of an advanced system.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
July 30th Combat SITREP by Juan

Information from very reliable sources. These sources are in Novorossiya, Russian Federation, EU and Ukraine:

29.07.2014 in afternoon Ukraine time 4 SS-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missiles were fired by Ukraine Armed Forces. At least two were clearly aimed at Saur Moglia with the idea of the Ukes trapped in The Cauldron having a sudden escape route opened for them. Moments before launch Russian Federation units surged toward the border at The Cauldron area and to the north of The Cauldron.

None of the 4 Tochka missiles reached their targets. I repeat, none of the 4 Tochka missiles reached their targets and none impacted with the ground anywhere that can be found in anything close to one piece. As you know this missile can carry a tactical nuke, chem/bio, cluster munition or HE in the weight of just under 500 kilos.

When the 4 missiles failed to reach their targets, the Armed Forces of RF immediately halted their surge and held position.

There has been a noticeable slow down of fighting activity since the launches, and Strelkov has pointedly said again that Novorossiya is open to negotiations.

The 4 Tochka missiles were shot down over Novorossiya territory occupied by Ukraine Armed Forces before the missiles reached their programmed height. They were shot down from inside RF according to normally reliable sources. No visual evidence has been provided of RF shooting down the Tochka systems nor of the system used to shoot down the Tochka missiles.

As of today, Russian forces continue to hold these positions.


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