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Major Changes to the Private Delphi Murders Fora

Posted on the 23 July 2017 by Calvinthedog

Despite or possibly because of the smashing success of the private Delphi fora, we have had to make some major changes in the fora.

First of all, a walking dead man named Desirably Torn on the Topix site has declared war on the site, trying to destroy it the process despite the fact that has little time left on this Earth. Why he wants to spend his final days on Earth doing this is beyond me. Apparently he simply hates me. He is extremely self righteous, and he seems to think I am evil, so he is determined to destroy my site and my business. Either that or he is just a destructive person who likes to destroy things for fun.

I believe I now know his name and his email. He paid for password access to the fora and was given the passcodes. He promptly posted them on the Topix public forum for everyone to see, where they will probably remain for a long time. He was banned, and his money will be kept.

This person and an equally self-righteous woman he is in cahoots with also posted the names of some forum posters, all women, and started posting on the Topix public forum using the names of women on my forum. In one case, the pest used a woman user’s maiden name and married name. These women got very upset and threatened to quit. Everyone felt that the fora had been compromised, and the women were seriously concerned about their personal safety. So this man and woman are terrorizing the female posters on my site. You proud of yourselves?

In addition, one of the top suspects in the Delphi Murders also paid to gain access to the private fora. He recognized, immediately banned, and his money will also be kept.

To make matters worse, some idiot paid $15 and then strolled in and started picking fights with me of all people. Posters immediately launched into him resulting in a huge fight spanning maybe 100 posts. He then went over to the Topix forum and started trashing our site. He was banned, all warring posts were deleted, and his money will be kept.

This is a very serious problem. We now have people who are dedicating much of their time to destroying our site and some of the top suspects in the murder case paying to get access to the passcodes to the site. These are extremely serious security breaches, and we had to take immediate action.

From now on, the donation requirement has gone up to a minimum of $20. We figure the higher fee might keep the pests and destroyers out, but who knows? If you have already paid at least $20, you are in. If you have paid less than $20, you will have to pay at least $5-10 more to equal a $20 contribution. I have records of all of your payments, so don’t worry.


All fora have new passcodes that are pretty much impossible to remember. Each forum has a separate passcode.

In addition, we have undertaken even further security measures to safeguard the forum users.

Hopefully these new policies will at least keep the security breaches to a minimum.

I would like to point out more thing to Desirably Torn, a man whose name I now know, and Make Mine a Double, a woman, who are dedicated to destroying my site out of hatred for me and extreme self-righteousness. I realize that you and quite a few others out there have an extreme, off the charts hatred of me for some retarded self-righteous reason. Fine.

But do you any of you realize that this site is very important to the LE working on this case? Well, it is. I know that for an absolute fact. I am not going to tell you how I know that, but I do know it. So in trying to destroy this site, do you realize that you are trying to destroy a valuable trove of evidence that LE is utilizing to attempt to solve this case? You are directly attacking the LE who are working on this crime. Why don’t you just go over to the Delphi Center and start slashing police tires and cutting phone lines to the tip lines? You are doing something similar when you deranged haters try to destroy my site. You are hurting LE efforts to solve this case in a serious way. Why do you want to do that?

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