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Magnificent Max Marshall ...

Posted on the 26 September 2013 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
A few months ago now, we wrote about Max Marshall, a new female singer who is looking to storm the charts. We weren't really sure on her single, Don't Trip, at the time, but surely enough ... it grew on us to the point that we have welcomed her new single, Pressure, with open arms and love it uncontrollably.
Magnificent Max Marshall ...The thing that sets Max Marshall apart from other female R'n'B stars is that she manages to make the environment she is in so much calmer than that of her musical counterparts. Despite the pulsating beats in this track, for example, she doesn't screech along exclaiming how women rule the world or how she is in Disturbia ... instead, her vocal has a relaxed conviction that sways along the vocals she puts down.
Don't get us wrong, we're not knocking Beyonce or Rihanna in that last comment, as they have both grown empires on their talents ... but we feel that Max Marshall has found an incredible little niche in her own way of doing things in such a peaceful manner. It's funny really because, there are easily comparisons to be made in Max and Rihanna's earlier stuff, and definitely in Beyonce and Max too ... but the difference that sets it all apart is what really allows Max to make 2013 her year.
The conventional way of making a song has been displayed beautifully here. The structure will be one that you've heard time and time again, and we think that, Max Marshall has definitely got something here, on her hands, that she could turn into an absolute hit.
We're urging all and any radio stations to clutch onto her name now because, given a small amount of time, you'll be begging for her to come down to the studio.

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