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Mad Men Returns

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood

Mad Men Returns

Oh my goodness. Could hungry husband or I be any happier? Mad Men returns this weekend and I am counting down the hours to Sunday night (even if that means I'm closer to Monday morning). The wait was too long. Not to sound like a desperate housewife but Don Draper sure makes for a great fantasy. Obviously, he is far from the type of man most women would want to settle down with but maybe for a drink or two, he'd be quite the guy to hang out with. Granted, that whole scene in the bar would mostly be him hitting on you instead of sharing about work, life, likes, dislikes but heck, he is a mad man. He just can't help himself. In case you forgot about Don Draper... Here is a refresher... 
Mad Men Returns
He is a genius at work. You can look at Mad Men's best ad campaigns here.
He loves an Old Fashioned. Check out all the cocktails you can make inspired by Mad Men.
He doesn't eat much but you can try some recipes courtesy of Betty Draper here.
If you ever wanted to compare Chuck Norris to Don Draper... check this out.
Wanna see what Don Draper looks like as an old man? Still pretty hot.
Wanna see Don Draper as a cartoon? Cute.
And finally, keep this handy. "What Would Don Draper Do?" guide to solving your problems. Click here for the full diagram.
Mad Men Returns
We will meet on Sunday Mr. Draper. Tonight, hungry husband and I are going on a date night. He really wants to see Hunger Games but I'm convincing him to see this instead. Clearly, I can't get John Hamm out of my mind. And tomorrow, I really really really wanted to go for a bike ride. I still have my bike from my teens at my parent's place and I'm going to polish it up, fill the tires with air and start exploring the trails in our area. But, it looks like it's gonna rain so I might have to do this instead. Oh well. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Mad Men Returns
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