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M.A.C's Beauty Resolutions Became Mine With A Twist

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc


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M.A.C's Beauty Resolutions Became Mine With A Twist
 I am not a girl who is into making resolutions on 1st of new year - neither beauty nor style. Nada! But I think I should make some, but what? And then here it is MAC's resolution that instantly became mine. I'll tell you a fact! I already follow some of them so I have win-win situation. By the way, above picture is 4 years old when I was single. Not anymore!

 MAC - Wear BB Cream The hype is true! Beauty Balm is the superpower of skin: a moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, foundation, and concealer in one. Treat your skin withPrep + Prime BB Beauty Balm for a flawless face every day of the year. Mine - I am into CC cream since the day I tried this baby! And I don't see myself steering away from it at the moment. MAC - Take on the Trends Why stick to your normal routine when new shades pop onto the scene? Try switching up one element of your makeup each month to a trendy burst of colour. A flick of a new eye liner, lipstick shade, or nail lacquer is a fun way to tweak your look.See what's en vogue this month! Mine - I reviewed these colorful eyeliners last year and then these new colored eyeliners came in 2014 that I am yet to try (some of my favorite beauty bloggers have already tried them out!) . But this colourful eyeliner trend is definitely going to stay and I am going to follow them! MAC - Tear it up with Texture Colour is always available, but resolve to step out of the box with texture!Mineralize Eye Shadow for shining eyes,Huggable Lipcolour for hydrated longwearing lips…makeup has changed the game with flattering shades in new formulations of texture.

Mine - In my eyes, I looked stunning in these lipsticks by Lakme, very much an Indian version of Huggable Lip Colors. Before those days dedicated to Lakme Lipsticks, I always thought that lipsticks are not my thing. How stupid I was! But I am going to try some lipsticks in 2014 for sure! MAC - Blush Perfectly A strong, healthy looking blush can change your entire look. Even out your skin tone with a bit ofMineralize Skinfinish Natural using the187 Duo Fibre Face Brush and double dip into yourPowder Blush. Light skin tones should pick peach or pale pinks, medium skin tones should choose beige-rose or plum shades, and fuchsia and amber reds warm up deeper complexions. Mine -I am definitely going to abide by this resolution. I am a blush-girl and my all-time favourite blush is this soft pink in mousse texture. But I will try something natural like this NYX blush I reviewed last year. This resolution of MAC also reminds me of  a few brushes that I bought last year and used. Some are good and some are not-so-good! MAC - Shape Up Draw on your artistry skills for a magazine-worthy lip look. Choose a sharpenedPro Longwear Lip Pencil in a colour closest to your signature lipstick look and carefully draw out your natural lip line. Turn the pencil on the side, and gently blend the colour inward toward the center of your lips. Fill in with your favourite lipstick–the pencil line perfects the shape of your lips and stays sharp for hours! Mine - I also tried some lip pencils by a local brand  and I really like them. But guess what, I don't use lip pencils to outline my lips but fill my lips and this is what I will keep doing!!

Last resolution is mine! That I am going to buy some MAC makeup because I am ashamed that I didn't try any MAC product and I definitely want to own some!
My style resolution will be next!!

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