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Ma, My First Expert !

By Lipglossaffairs @justsangy
Ma, My First Expert !Image Source - Goochicoo
Someone truly said, to know what it is to be a mother; one has to be a Mother.Little did I know that oneday I would truly understand what my Ma (I fondly call her so, eating away Am from Amma. In Telugu, Amma is for Mother) meant all those years back.As a kid I was like glue to her, went where ever she went; liked whatever she liked and did whatever I was asked to do. But I grew up to be a stubborn and adamant teen. Always loving books and avoiding people around me. I enjoyed my seclusion and often skipped all the family gatherings which she insisted I should go with her. Now when I see my 8 yr old doing same, I can’t help but wonder what a patient person my Mother was to which I don’t even come close!From adamant, I turned to be silent and ambitious. Working and coming back home to sleep is what I knew. Many times she insisted I should come into kitchen at least on weekends and help her so I learn little cooking. But, it was always like either I am working or am chilling out. There was no mid-way.
Now I wish I did all that, listened to her more; for I now know I miss that voice that was filled with concern and love. Many times I wished I could turn back the clock, learnt cooking while she guided me and helped me through; for I miss her home cooked meals so much too. And how much ever I talk on phone taking notes I can never even come close to being so good like her and perfecting her dishes. I sometimes even wonder what I miss and where I go wrong that I can’t make her signature dish just the way she makes! But I guess it’s that hand and her love for us, that makes all those dishes super licking good!!Everyone says, I look like my mother but I know I am nothing like her. One thing if we ever matched, it was our love for books. I still can’t forget those Saturdays when we both used to step out after lunch and leisurely go book shopping. She picked her favorites and I did mine, but we both could never share and exchange our books. She didn’t know English and I didn’t know Telugu… Lol !!I almost sounded non-Telugu for many, I didn’t knew how to speak well either. Sometimes she laughed, sometimes she insisted hard that I change my accent and learn to speak proper Telugu. We often had debates over that and I obviously used to walk away furious at her for being so pushy. Now a mother of 8 yr old who doesn’t know a word of Telugu (my mother tongue) I understand now what she meant all those years back!! Now whenever she teases me that my son is like me in every sense with that impish grin, I can’t help but laugh. She was right and she is right!I see a part of me before my eyes, my son, live and kicking every day reminding me of how wrong I was when I was young and how right my mother was!
I am facing everything with my kid, whatever I did with my mom. Now I wonder sometimes - Is that’s the reason why I began loving her more than before? Am I really lucky that I realized how precious she is before it’s too late?
After being a Mother, I realized one thing for sure; hearing those 3 words – I Love You - from your kid is the most precious thing for a mother!! And I am glad I still can say that to her!
After 8 yrs of being a Mother myself, I now understand one thing; being a mother is one hardest job of all!! I bow in admiration to my Mother for all those times and for so long putting up with me. For being #MyFirstExpert who i fondly can look upto and learnfrom, each and every day.Also to all the mothers in the World who stood as great examples, whose stories we heard and whose stories are still untold!

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Much Love
Ma, My First Expert !

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